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“Real Costa Rica upplevelse”
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Villa -
3 sovrum, 4 badrum, för 9
Paquera, provinsen Puntarenas

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andresalf ...
San José, San Jose, Costa Rica
1 omdöme
Omdömet skrevs 21 augusti 2015 för en vistelse i augusti 2015
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Datum för vistelsen: augusti 2015
Hur lätt var det att boka verksamheten? Hur användbara var vägbeskrivningarna till verksamheten?
Hur lätt var det att hämta nyckeln/få tillträde till verksamheten? Hotellets skick på det stora hela
Sängar och madrasser Kök och redskap
Rent badrum Andra lokaler och bekvämligheter
Gillade mest: ocean views, sunrise
Gillade minst: the stairs to go down to the bbq area
Resegrupp: Storfamilj
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Getaway52 ...
1 omdöme
common_n_hotel_reviews_1bd8 1 hjälpsamhetsröst
Omdömet skrevs 2 april 2017 för en vistelse i februari 2017
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Datum för vistelsen: februari 2017
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Svar från företaget
jun 7 2017
Graham and Liz from the first day of check in were looking for the minimum situation as to complain. Edward(my partner in Costa Rica) and Raul(our property manager and go to guy closeby) were always available to help and pending but generally it was one thing after another they would complain about and many things out of our control and that they already knew about or were being solved. The first couple hours they came in wifi was down, but it was in the whole area of Playa Naranjo and Paquera and a couple hours after we reported it was solved, being it was already being worked on from first thing that morning. Other smaller issues that came to our knowledge were dealt with immediately as well. Their visit was so much of complaints, that a couple days into their visit we told them that if they were not satisfied with our home and service they could leave and we would reimburse their money for the rest of the trip even though we did not have to. This being the first time in over two years of rentals we have ever encountered visitors looking for any reason to complain and when offered compensation and to leave they said they were ok and wanted to stay the rest of their vacation. Curiously, when five days remained of their stay(they had spent 27 days at our home) they sent us an email with a list of many things they did not like, most totally out of our control, asking for us to reimburse half of the money they had paid for the 32 day period. This we saw as being very opportunistic since if the house was not up to their satisfaction they would have taken the chance we gave them of handing back money and leaving when they were in the first 8 or 10 days in their stay when Edward personally visited them and told them we would reimburse and they could leave as to part in good ways since they were not enjoying. Additional to this, if they were so uncomfortable they would have not stayed till the end to complain and have even had additional guests stay over a week at our home with no charge by us. When we received that email we felt intimidated since 5 days before they left they asked us for their money back, and reminded us that if we didn´t comply and pay them a negative public comment or review they would make would affect our rentals in the future because they would make it so and even on other rental platforms. All this made us think that all was premeditated and planned because everytime they would write or communicate with Edward or Raul when they asked if all was well or if they were ok, for any situation they would stress on that yes it was solved or they were ok but it was another day they had not enjoyed their vacation. The six days mentioned by them they had to leave the house WAS NOT BECAUSE OF ANY POOL ISSUE, I am sorry but this is a LIE, this trip was planned way in advance since they had told us they were going to leave to another area of Costa Rica to tour around from the beginning of their vacation and then some friends were coming. Edward, after speaking with Graham and Liz personally at our home, and asking them if was ok with them since they were leaving, he programmed fixing the pool and it was perfect not even taking the six days they say, the job took TWO DAYS, having an extra of FOUR DAYS, they had programmed to leave SIX DAYS and told us to go ahead and take our time and do it, but the job was done in TWO DAYS. The little details that had to be fixed at the house during their stay were done ASAP(leaky faucet, light bulb, coffee maker was changed, window screen hanging, etc), actually Graham always thanked that what we could do was done so fast and our disposition to help. Raul´s coming in to our home and not respecting privacy is ANOTHER LIE, we ALWAYS communicate if it is an additional entry and our guests are informed from day one he needs to check pool and pump and other things in house everyday but it is always scheduled based on what is good times for guests and convenient as to not disrespect privacy or not let them rest and vacation. Graham and Liz did ask to water garden and clean pool themselves, which was organized with Raul, but he still had to be going in occasionally and they always knew about it. When they left for six days, they gave an order that no one could go in to the house, it was respected, other than Edward had to go in to their room because they left some lights on in the balcony and the AC on and we could not have this running for six days straight with no one in the house. They were informed immediately and were in agreement of the entry. Respecting the AC is only in rooms and second floor and the lack of AC in the first floor, we do not have in the first floor since it is an area that joins the terrace, garden and the pool, but our house has big windows and entrances of air and wind with additional fans(ceiling and floor) giving it good ventilation throughout the first floor. Our home is well equipped as to sleep, bathe(shower towels and toiletries) and be able to feed and cook for up to 9 guests comfortably at the same time. In the pool area we only have 4-6 lounge/pool chairs as to not crowd the terrace area(but since it was only Graham and Liz and two other guests coming in a couple days we had 4), in the BBQ area we have two hammocks and 8 seats, and about the two beach towels, we don´t usually provide them, we left for Graham and Liz two beach towels as a an additional courtesy(we sent an email explaining this), not being something usually provided. Actually at a point Graham emailed Edward if we could get another two beach towels for their guests that were coming in and Edward said we could coordinate with Raul to buy some but there would be a charge to purchase them. Actually, when there was like a week missing of their stay, they accumulated a couple days of garbage and then threw out the garbage in the entrance and sent us a picture saying that the area was dirty and unhealthy, when they themselves threw out the garbage in the area since the homes closeby take care of their garbage and there was no one there any way. Forest fires in the area are not common(though they can happen like in any forest in dry season) but our home is well protected twelve feet all around with well chopped down garden and stone passages not permitting fire to come up to the house. A tree did not fall into the pool deck, branches fell on the fence and a couple smaller branches and leaves fell on the side of the fence close to the deck and pool and were cleaned first thing next morning. All this is as I wrote before how they have exaggerated and are making a bigger issue of some incidents to make us look bad. Sure we understand issues may be uncomfortable, but are out of our control and any way we always helped and they were solved ASAP. There are rental homes available, but similar to ours actually we are very below the average cost of rentals in the area with all amenities and benefits we provide. Respecting the cleanliness of our home, we always try for the house to be in the best possible way to receive our customers. We are sorry for any minimal detail or incident that may have passed involuntarily in the cleaning or preparing of the home since there was a same day check out before they came in, but as soon as communicated they would be solved. About the water lacking in our area, there is enough water but we stress on rationing it and using just what needed since we conserve water and our natural area as much as possible. Graham and Liz did not understand this and we told them we did not like to waste water but still they would put the hose on everyday and even leave it running some nights for no apparent reason, this was why one night Raul had to go in and turn it off after texting and calling a couple times but getting no answer. Actually at ALA BLANCA HILLS, we have a program in the area called PLAYA BLANCA LIMPIA, where we conserve water, clean the beaches and help out local communities to have a cleaner, greener and more sustainable area generally.
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