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Delight Hotel

Rruga Riviera, Ksamil, Saranda 9706 Albanien
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Nr 11 av 58 hotell i Ksamil


74Ganska promenadvänligt
Bedömning: 74 av 100
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khaled Youssef skrev ett omdöme juli 2021
Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Frankrike2200 inlägg1334 hjälpsamhetsröster
Hôtel nouveau ouvert en 2019 et agrandit cette année. la chambre est très confortable, moderne, avec un balcon et une bonne literie. Disons que pour l’essentiel c’est très bien et confortablement minimaliste. Coffre-fort disponible et une belle salle de bain. Parking inclus ( un peu serré !) et très bon petit déjeuner. L’accueil est aussi plutôt sympathique et à la réception et le Monsieur Parle un anglais parfait. Il y a une plage en face où vous avez le droit de prendre gratuitement les transats ( mais il faut aimer l’ambiance familiale bondée !) Concernant les balcons, évitez le rez de chaussée sur la petite piscine sinon vous aurez l’impression que les gens sont véritablement chez vous et dans votre lit si ouvrez les rideaux ( le concept de verre est bien mais il vaut mieux peut-être mettre des plantes pour un minimum de privacy) Sinon vous pouvez payer plus pour avoir « vue mer »; dans ce cas si vous êtes au premier étage ça sera mieux pour la privacy mais la vue donne surtout sur un parking public et un aperçu mer ! Ça reste quand même une bonne adresse pour le confort de la chambre et la modernité.
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Datum för vistelsen: juni 2021Restyp: Reste med vänner
Tips för att välja rum: Évitez le rez-de-chaussée et le premier étage. Il a un extra pour les étages alors tant qu’à...
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9 hjälpsamhetsröster1 återpublicering
TimG skrev ett omdöme juli 2021
Zürich, Schweiz37 inlägg7 hjälpsamhetsröster
Sehr gutes Hotel gleich am Strand. Die Liegen sind inklusive am Strand. Das Frühstück ist auch gut, Filterkaffee ist gratis, für einen gemahlenen Kaffe zahlt man 200 Lek. In der Tiefgarage kann man kostenlos Parken als Gast. Die Zimmer sind gross und sauber. Für den Preis den man zahlt alles sehr gut.
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Datum för vistelsen: juni 2021Restyp: Reste som ett par
Carolina_Bred skrev ett omdöme sep. 2020
Kandahar, Afghanistan14 inlägg24 hjälpsamhetsröster
Let me start by saying that Hotel Delight is nice. You can see that money was put into the hotel by the little details, the breakfast was good, water pressure in the toilets was great, room service kept the rooms clean, the television worked with channel options, and the beach (ALTHOUGH NOT PRIVATE AS ADVERTISED) is across the street…HOWEVER there was a considerable problem that happened that we did not appreciate and thought it reflected extremely poorly on our first two days of our Ksamil, Albanian vacation and the hotel owner (he claimed initially to be the owner, not even sure if he is) did NOT seem to care. We received information WHILE TRAVELING from Hotel Delight stating that there was a problem with the room that we reserved for the first night and asked if we would stay at another hotel called Green House. They continued and said that on the next day (our second day in Ksamil), they would accommodate us at Delight Hotel. We explained to them that the request would be a huge inconvenience for us and that it was quite a late notice primarily because our vacation had already started, we were traveling and planned our trip precisely taking into consideration our accommodations when doing so. We also explained to them that we were an adventurous and active couple traveling with a 5-year-old and were dragging along quite a bit of stuff to include bikes, a large Kayak, and tons of luggage. We also explained to them that we already had planned, booked, and paid for our activities each day so being in another hotel the first day would not allow us to fully unpack and do the first day as planned and more importantly the second day's early morning activity since we have to check out and check in to the other hotel the next day. We tried to explain that we could not do this as we didn't have many days in Ksamil and asked that they try and work it out somehow and not make us change hotels. We did not want to lose time and money. We also tried calling Valmir who we communicated with initially and he did not pick up as well…so this communication happened via email. Hotel delight contacted us back and told us that the hotel was one minute away and when we check-in, they will explain to us better. We tried to explain to them that we knew where the hotel was located and that that was not the point, especially since we looked at most of the hotels in that area and specifically chose Hotel Delight. We also explained that even if the hotel was 10 minutes away, or a second away, it wouldn't matter because it didn't change the fact that we could not fully unpack and get settled to do what we plan to do the first day and not mess up plans for our early morning activity the next day. Again, the point that we were explaining was that checking in and out of hotels would mess up our planned activities that we paid for. We also explained that we were not trying to be difficult and asked that someone from the hotel contact us BEFORE we arrived at their hotel because we needed things clarified before we arrived. We were insisting on resolving and understanding our options. We also told them that if there were truly no other options and if we had to stay at their other hotel, meaning that we would need to rearrange our plans and cancel activities (which cost us money). For that reason, we felt that it was fair to request for Hotel Delight to offer a suitable discount. We reiterated that we weren't trying to be difficult, but we just trying to enjoy our vacation during a global pandemic…something we took the time to plan during this very difficult time in traveling. They wrote us back and said mistakes happen, they were sorry that this happened to us, and that we didn't have to worry…that for the night that we will stay at Hotel, Greenhouse, the other hotel, we will get a fair discount, only for the night that we stayed at the Greenhouse (which was fair to us). They also said they would help us with our luggage and all the other things that we may have. They said they would help us with everything and move everything for us so that our plans can go on as planned. We said ok because Hotel Delight was offering help with our luggage so that we did not mess up our plans for the next morning, and agreed to a discount for a room we did NOT book, which was their fault, not ours. They were offering to check us into our room, move our luggage so that we would not mess up our itinerary. We thought this was all fair. Unfortunately, NONE OF THIS HAPPENED. We arrive at the hotel to a front desk attendant with a very nasty attitude. We were also waiting for the explanations they said they would explain to us better when we got there. She wasted time going back and forth on the phone as well. No explanations were given and She, (I don't know her name, but she was young, dark-haired) didn't even get anyone to help us with our luggage up three flights of steps (there was no elevator) at the Greenhouse hotel that they put in. Speaking of the Greenhouse. It is NOT a hotel. It was an apartment, one that we would have never booked. The A.C. worked a little, there was a bed in the kitchen, the television did not work, it was just wrong, but we said ok. I also should mention that because it seemed to be mass confusion upon our arrival and because the front desk clerk just really had the worst attitude ever, we lost a few hours between trying to figure out the room situation for tomorrow, getting the bags up, and getting settled without unpacking so that we can try to salvage what was left of our plans for the day. We said whatever we are getting a discount and we could stomach it for the night despite the poor customer service and struggling with our luggage up what seemed like a gazillion steps. We asked the front desk clerk what was the earliest time we could check in to the hotel and what time they would be in the morning to pick up our bags (remember they said they would move everything so that we wouldn't lose our day) with her nasty attitude she was just like I don't know, whenever they check out and when we tried to explain that we needed to know what time because we had something planned that morning she acted like we were the problem asking her questions. So the next morning, our 730 wakeup was messed up, we had to cancel our activity, we lost money because the activity was non-refundable and couldn't check into the hotel until 11 or 11:30. We started moving our bags and then were helped with what little we had left after they saw us struggling. Their help didn't matter. Our plans were already ruined. We also need to say this. As mentioned earlier…the hotel advertises a private beach across the street. It is not a private beach. Anyone can come on this public beach reserve a spot on the lounge chairs. You have to leave towels THE NIGHT BEFORE. No one told us that, they didn't even tell us that when we checked in, so with even missing our morning plans, we couldn't enjoy our hotel's private beach because there was no private beach to enjoy. The chairs in our hotels area were reserved by outsiders. Anyway, back to checking into Hotel Delight, FINALLY. They inform us that we needed to pay for everything up front, which was fine and standard, but we wanted to know what the cost was for us staying in Greenhouse the day before as they told us we would receive a discount. We were told 50 euros. We checked on the website and booking for the cost of the Greenhouse apartments AND THE COST WAS 50 EUROS. We questioned this and felt like this wasn't fair and was not a discount. The manager or owner, or whoever he was, proceeded to argue with us and acted like it was a problem that we were asking to be compensated for our inconvenience that was PROMISED in the emails. We have ALL the email traffic. Everything in this review is factual. To him, mistakes happen and we should have just dealt with it, but our main problem is the fact that they were are lying to us about the cost of the room being discounted to 50 euros and that's the regular price. He also sort of threatned and said that we could pay for the room and leave the hotel since we felt uncomfortable. And we said that if we had to leave we weren't paying for anything. He also said that he had plenty of Macedonians that visited with no problems and we asked him what did that have to do with us and our particular situation? We weren't causing any problems…if anything they caused problems by ruining our plans because THEY overbooked, and are now trying to cheat as far as trying to make us pay full price for a room we didn't book. He knew that everything in the area on the same level of his hotel was pretty much booked up but yet he attempted to threaten us by telling us that we can just leave. Who does that? Who travels over 10 hours by car with a five year old with half of their house packed with bikes and a Kayak and be expected to leave and try to find another hotel at the last minute? In the end we were offered a $10 discount on the room which really was unacceptable, but we decided not to waste anymore time on this imbecile and enjoy what was left of our vacation. This guy also kept saying, but we told you before you came that there was a mistake on the room and mistakes happen and you still came. And we said yes and you also said you would compensate us for that mistake and HELP us not to miss out on yesterdays and today 's activities. I must say the Megi…the front desk clerk the day were were trying to check into delight y was very helpful and very pleasant. She should be running the hotel. She understood that we weren't at fault, and tried to answer any questions as best she could, but she wasn't in charge so she could only do so much. It really seems like Hotel Delight is aware that travelers from Macedonia have limited options as far as vacations and have no problem with exploiting this. We have never been labeled as a difficult family and we understand that mistakes happen but you do not just say oh well after you've messed up our plans and caused us to lose money that we are not able to get back. As mentioned before, the hotel is lovley. Megi was very nice, the room service women were also very pleasant, but management or ownership and the women that checked us in the first day was un-professional and came off as trying to con us. We informed him that half of our union was not Macedonian, but American and will make sure to let everyone at our international government jobs know exactly what they tried to pull. If we are ever in Ksamil again, we will never stay at this hotel again and when people ask about suggestions on where to stay, we will not recommend Hotel Delight. We've already had people ask us about our vacation because of the lovely pictures we've posted and where we stayed and we have NOT recommended this hotel. We really don't care that the hotel looked nice...Integrity goes a long way. AGAIN, EVERYTHING WRITTEN IN THIS REVIEW IS FACTUAL, AND WE HAVE EMAILS TO BACK UP EVERYTHING THAT IS BEING SAID.
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Datum för vistelsen: augusti 2020
2 hjälpsamhetsröster
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Francesca skrev ett omdöme sep. 2019
Dugliolo, Italien4 inlägg
Detta supernya hotell som ligger framför stranden är rätt plats att vara! Mycket trevlig personal speciellt med barn, vackert läge, god mat, noggrann rengöring. En av de bästa helgdagarna! ! Vi kommer att återvända! !
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Datum för vistelsen: september 2019Restyp: Reste med familjen
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AlbanienVlore CountySarandaKsamil
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