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Stella Bed & Breakfast

Avenida Amsterdam 141 Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City 06100 Mexiko Visa på karta
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106 US$ - 255 US$ (Baserat på genomsnittspriser för ett standardrum)
Mexiko > centrala Mexiko och Gulf Coast > Mexico City > Condesa
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Denna lilla vara i Condessa-området i Mexico City var en mycket tillfredsställande plats att tillbringa ett par dagar i den här stora metropolen. Området är fullt av art deco arkitektur och dekorativa element. Den lilla, bortgjutna Stella be & be är ett sött exempel på eran. Rumm
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Min fru och jag bodde i två av Stellas rum för totalt fem nätter. Och medan Mexico City var underbar, det här." vara&vara " är inte. Jag uttrycka det så sätt eftersom på kvällarna är mer av en air vara&vara, förutom utan din egen kök eller telefonlinje. Den typ damerna som kock o
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Svar från Raymundo S, Stella för Stella Bed & Breakfast
Svarade 7 juli 2017
Thank you for your comments, but we would like to clarify several points that you mention that are completely false. We were very pleased to receive you and your wife at Stella B & B but from the start of your arrival everything seemed a problem and you constantly looked for some pretext to complain or make the staff feel bad. During the whole stay you treated the staff very badly, you were very rude and even arrogant and haughty. As for the sound of Saturday night, when you agreed to stay at our hotel you signed our policies which states that we are not responsible for events that occurring outside our hotel, such as the party you mention and in which you agreed on the email you sent us that it was not our fault, you even wrote: "While this is not your fault". When I asked our housekeeper the following morning about what had happened, she told me that you and your wife were totally drunk and shouted for help so that the outside noise would be removed, you demanded to call the police and demanded help. Therefore, your behavior in our hotel was totally unacceptable, obviously the next morning you looked for any pretext to ask for a refund for that situation that was out of our hands for being an event outside the hotel. Even so, we decided to reimburse two nights of the total of five of the whole stay, even though this situation was not our fault. As for the bedbugs, we repeat that in no way there can be such bugs in our hotel, in any case from the first day you would have been bitten all over the body and this did not happen, when we asked you to show us if you had stings in some other part of the body you only showed us three pickets in the hand, in your comments you say that you and your wife were "full" of pickets, but you never showed us other than those 3 pickets, even when you left the hotel It seemed like everything was fine and you did not had any complain about this. As you realized, in Mexico is rainy season and there are many bugs in the environment it probably was some mosquito or some ant, but definitely that was not a flea picket or a bed bug. Even so, after all the rudeness and the bad treatment that we received we continued offering you an exceptional treatment, such was the case that at the time you checked out you left two hours later than our regular check out at noon and the hotel did not charge you any extra amount.
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Vi hade en härlig vistelse i denna charmiga, väl - ligger litet hotell. Den rum och de eller arbetsmarknadsförhandlingar utrymmen är underbara. Personalen är förtjusande, och den uppmärksamhet oklanderlig. Frukosten är utsökt! Skulle definitivt återvända.
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Min syster och jag bodde på Stella vara&vara den här helgen ( 5 / 26 - 5 / 29 / 17 ) och vänster med VÄGGLÖSS! ! Min extremiteterna och hennes är bokstavligen täckt med bett!

Den plats verkade rena och trevliga men med sänglöss bara är oacceptabelt. "

De är även aldrig veta oss
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Svar från Raymundo S, Gerente för Stella Bed & Breakfast
Svarade 31 maj 2017
We appreciate your observation about the payment options and will make the corresponding changes to our responses about pricing to clarify the taxes inclusion, to prevent future misunderstandings. We are very sorry you had to go through this unpleasant situation during your visit to Mexico City. However after an exhaustive inspection of all the rooms, beds and sheets we found nothing that could support your statement about the bed bugs. It is also very hard for us to believe that the bites happened in our hotel since every Monday an expert in plagues comes to the building to fumigate everything, every room, space and even the garden. Also, each month an inspector reviews the sanitary measures and pest control to avoid such situations. Therefore, it is impossible we have them in our facilities, the bites would have appeared from the first night that you stayed with us, or they would had appeared in members of the staff which are in direct contact with beds and sheets while cleaning. We take all the sanitary and safety measurements very seriously to make sure our guests and staff are safe and healthy. We can only assume the bites happened in other facilities. We are truly sorry that this situation happened to you during your trip. Best regards, Raymundo, Manager at Stella Bed & Breakfast.
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Jag bokade stället läsa om det på kvällen artikel (det verkar ha köpt dem en hel del business, en annan gentleman som skriver för en resewebbplats som jag träffade där, även plockat ställe baserat på läsa om det på kvällen) . Jag slets mellan de två ovan nämnda i artikeln och bes
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my dirty room
Nosotros llegamos a las 5.30 si no viene con atraso el vuelo. 1. si contratamos uds tienen transfer y cuanto cuesta? 2. tengo entendido que el horario de entrada es a las 15 hs. Podemos entrar antes? 3. somos tres adultos. Una pareja y un joven de 14 años
Estoy esperando las respuestas. No tengo nada que brindar. No soy del hotel
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