Sea Life Park Hawaii
Sea Life Park Hawaii
Nöjes- och temaparkerNatur- och vildmarksområden
10:00 - 15:00
10:00 - 15:00
10:00 - 15:00
10:00 - 15:00
10:00 - 15:00
10:00 - 15:00
10:00 - 15:00
Längd: 2-3 timmar
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Patricia P
La Mirada, Kalifornien5 inlägg
nov. 2023 • Familj
Sea life animal park was a wonderful experience. We reserved time to meet the dolphins 🐬 and take pictures.

We got there at 10:30am, the drive up the coast was beautiful. I would suggest to make those stops to take those pictures. Unfortunately, we didn’t stop and I now regret it.

We had a large group of 11, 2 children, 1 senior. I was able to rent a wheelchair and have my mom explore. We went on the left side of the park and saw, turtles, birds, sea lions, and the dolphin show.

We had lunch at the Kaukau kitchen, food was good, pretty pricy. Food and drinks were not allowed in the pork.

Dolphin show was good, we enjoyed the entertainment. Soon after, we swam and met the dolphins.

We took pictures, so be ready to spend. It was $190 for 5 physical copies and the digital pictures for the rest. This is quite expensive so be ready for it.

Clean up after is an outside shower, bring ocean friendly soap and extra towels if you’re staying after.

Our agenda after this event was their in house luau.

3 out of 5 because of price, no food or drinks allowed in the park, and not allowed to take pictures during luau setup since they want you to purchase their photos.

Staff were very friendly!

Overall, fun place to take young children and enjoy the setting! Very windy area, but also beautiful.
Skriftlig 26 november 2023
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okt. 2023 • Vänner
Suprised at the level of quality in both the exhibits, the presenters and the care of the animals. Since all were either rescued from hostile circumstances or born at the park, it felt good to see the big spacious areas and the animals seeming to enjoy their homes. We liked the animal highlights happening every half hour and very impressed they didnt cost extra. Each show had interaction with the animals with interesting info and history on each one. Highly recommend! The waikiki trolley stops here and a day of both will be one of your best family days on Oahu.
Skriftlig 18 november 2023
Det här är ett subjektivt omdöme av en Tripadvisor-medlem och inte av Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor kontrollerar omdömen.

9 inlägg
okt. 2023 • Vänner
We used the GOCITY pass & did it as our premium attraction. Becareful with the GoCity pass we had an issue & almost missed it because they said we used the premium attraction when we didn't. We almost missed out on it because of it. Everyone in sea lif was nice, understanding & I love the dolphins. Best thing ever.
Skriftlig 27 oktober 2023
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Ann H
Arden, NC8 inlägg
sep. 2023 • Par
WOW! What a great little sea park and fantastic luau! We started our afternoon at the sea park which was included in the luau ticket. Lots of rescued sea animals and very interesting stories about them. The staff obviously loved working there, they were so caring to the animals and to the tourists. The luau was extremely well done. It was well organized and had lots of fun side activities before the show. Lots of good food choices too.
The location was spectacular, sandwiched between the mountain and sea, just breathtaking. The show took you on a history tour of the island and the dancers were having so much fun, it was infectious, you couldn't help but have a great time. Well done to the folks that run this place and to their staff, thank you for a memorable day!
Skriftlig 21 oktober 2023
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okt. 2023 • Familj
As other reviews have said, this park needs a little TLC. We brought the kids here two years ago. We brought them back this time to do the dolphin exploration. Save your money. It’s not worth paying the difference vs the dolphin encounter. The only difference is that you are floating in the water when the dolphin floats by. They no longer have the dolphins pull you by their fins or push you by the feet as you might see in videos from around 2016 put out by Sealife Park. When asked why I got a lame excuse about stressing the dolphins (despite them doing the same in their dolphin show) and Covid…because you know…that’s everyone’s default excuse for anything. The trainer seemed to be new with no personality (Stephanie) and the dolphin they had with us was fairly new and not very responsive to commands. The kids enjoyed it but it was underwhelming for the price.
Skriftlig 20 oktober 2023
Det här är ett subjektivt omdöme av en Tripadvisor-medlem och inte av Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor kontrollerar omdömen.

Ventura, Kalifornien67 inlägg
sep. 2023 • Par
Great little park good information on sea life. Would have liked a map so we would know where to go for the different talks. Perfect for little ones
Skriftlig 22 september 2023
Det här är ett subjektivt omdöme av en Tripadvisor-medlem och inte av Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor kontrollerar omdömen.

Silver Spring, MD3 409 inlägg
juni 2023 • Familj
So - a very honest and mixed review.

This place has been here for years - and it shows.
But they are working on upgrades and maintenance - ie: some attractions were closed -- seals, sea lions, etc...

So - the parking cost $. Which is odd, but it's Hawaii. Large open lot.
If there weren't signs - you wouldn't know where to enter, as it seems like a hodge-podge of buildings, and it is.

We got their early, before it opened as we had to for our "Dolphin Encounter" reservations. There are 3 'tiers' and we picked the one in the middle - about $150 each ($100 with military discount). Either way,I would have paid full because it was sooo worth it.

The check-in process is very confusing, and there didn't seem to be anyone there at first to explain it. Do you need a locker or not? Where do you go? etc.. We got the locker (2 in fact) as we weren't sure. You don't "NEED" one, but they did come in handy later on with wet clothers, bottles of water, photos, etc... They do need a better system though, and larger lockers (See DollyWood's Splah Country).

Anyhow, the trainers were amazing! Talented and very personable. What I thought was just going to be a photo opp turned out to be about 45-60 minutes with multiple 'encounters'. Got our photos too - and of course you pay $$$$ for the photo packages - almost as much as the "Encounter". The water that you get into is COLD, and the ramp / platform can be slippery. "Our" dolphin - can't recall her name was playful and energetic. So fun!

Afterwards be sure to shower. Dolphin water is dirty sea water. Showers were cold, limited pressure and only 4 nozzles (all in open setting, so no stripping down). But we sure to rinse off, and then change in the changing rooms.

Afterwards, there was a really cool set of touch-tanks, and a sea turtle viewing tank, but the highlight for the kids was definitely the parakeet feeding avery. Free food sticks, and tons very active and friendly parakeets.

Their merch was meh. Blah. Typical Hawaiian / Aloha clothing. Some stuffed animals, and a few t-shirts but over all a limited selection. Their one 'Sea Life Park' magnet was weak and cheesy. No pathes, two magnets (one was just dolphins) to choose from - can't recall any postcards, mugs, reuseable bags, or anything...They really need to look at what other animal parks offer. This is where the $$ is made, and people want to take something home that says - "Sea Life Park" --

How about custom shirts (start with kid sizes) that say "I swam with ______ (dophin's name) @ Sea Life Park, Hawaii" and a photo of THAT dolphin, or Wolphin on the front. That would sell like fire...!

The food in their food court was hit or miss. Their fish sandwich was a definitely miss --- I've had bigger and better from McDonald's. The kids and wife liked theirs though. The service was average - but drinks were cold on a hot day.

This is definitely a hidden gem, on one of the most visited islands in Hawaii.

Would recommend: Highly
Would re-patronize: Possibly. This was my third visit over my lifetime.
Skriftlig 15 september 2023
Det här är ett subjektivt omdöme av en Tripadvisor-medlem och inte av Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor kontrollerar omdömen.

Courtney B
1 inlägg
juli 2023 • Familj
I wish I could give less than one star. That was the worst experience my family has faced this far.

Long story short as another review mentioned - the jewelry rule is the real deal or they will not let you experience anything. They don't even have other options (I suggested gloves). This is a different climate, fingers swell in heat - my husband was told multiple times to take OUR children on the experience without their mother because I was the one who couldn't get my ring off. How messed up is that? Worst service we've encountered in a long time. We all left devastated along with another guest who experienced a similar issue.

Figure it out. This is obviously a rule people will continue to have an issue with. And hire new staff dear Lord - zero sympathy, zero empathy, zero remorse just nada. YIKES avoid this! My husband & I have actually swam with dolphins & done the full blown experience in puerto Vallarta - go there, do not waste your money on this one. Please.
Skriftlig 28 juli 2023
Det här är ett subjektivt omdöme av en Tripadvisor-medlem och inte av Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor kontrollerar omdömen.

Kanada698 inlägg
juli 2023 • Familj
We only had less than 1.5 hrs. here before it closed for the day and we still managed to see all the exhibits with enough time to catch the bus back to Waikiki. Peak crowd was gone for the day then so there was no waiting or congestion. The highlight was the aviary where we were able to feed the birds from our hands! Hubby, my toddler and I all got to experience this wonder. Also loved seeing the sea turtles and dolphins up close.
Skriftlig 25 juli 2023
Det här är ett subjektivt omdöme av en Tripadvisor-medlem och inte av Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor kontrollerar omdömen.

Houston, Texas203 inlägg
juli 2023 • Familj
I almost want to write two reviews, one for the "Dolphin Encounter" and one for the park itself. The scores would be very different.

For the park itself, if you read reviews and do your research, you will go in knowing that it's a small park (it's on an island where land is limited afterall), expensive (they are supporting very expensive marine mammals....), and is enduring alot of construction currently. Knowing those, none surprised me. Yes, it was expensive. (What wasn't in Hawaii? I paid $6 for a single bell pepper at Foodland!). Yes, there were closed exhibits. However, parking was easy and plentiful (debit or credit only, as others have said and as prominently stated on website); it wasn't crowded, and the limited footprint allowed us to linger at the exhibits and take our time. Our kids LOVED feeding the turtles their $4 cups of veggies, given to us in a cup we could keep as a souvenir. They equally loved feeding the reef fish, which I can honestly say we've never done anywhere. They liked the aviary we could walk into, and the dolphin show and sea lion shows were both excellent and the perfect length. The playground adds about 30 minutes to let the littles blow off some steam; without an animal encounter it was a relaxed, very doable and not exhausting 3 hour park. I think expectations are everything.

I would absolutely suggest feeding the turtles immediately as when the turtle food runs out, they stop selling as to not overfeed them, and they were out within just a few hours of opening.

Lunch with Pinks Hotdogs was excellent and a welcome change to the usual amusement park fare of hamburgers and chicken tenders.

Now for the dolphin encounter, which was less than satisfactory. And not because of the dolphin encounter itself, which is still the one thing my kids will bring up first when someone asks them what they did in Hawaii. We did tons of things over 2 weeks and THIS is what they remember. That's priceless.

However, the logistics and staffing of the dolphin encounter were honestly disturbing. When I registered there were disclaimers that jewelry (all, no exceptions, had to be removed), you had to check in one hour before the encounter (no exceptions) and no loose articles such as hats or sunglasses.

This was all reiterated by a person who apparently hates their job during a phone call to me the day prior.

My family arrived the full hour before the experience; we waited and wasted our vacation time waiting for two other families who arrived five minutes before it started. They absolutely were not removed from the program due to checking in late, despite the rules and warnings.

My family removed all the jewelry and had it in lockers according to the final instructions, which were handed to us at check in (one hour prior to start) and stated in bold letters that if we didn't have all jewelry removed 15 minutes prior to start, we would be removed from the program. Again, my family waited as another family arrived with jewelry that could not be removed, and then had to be physically cut off them. We waited for an instrument to be procured that could cut jewelry, for an argument about whether or not they should remove it, and for it to be finally removed.

My family removed all hats and sunglasses as instructed. We waited while a separate family demanded to talk to a supervisor about wearing a hat because not wearing a hat for 30 minutes would give him skin cancer. I kid you not.

My family abided by the age restrictions in this encounter (ages 4 and up) and did not sign up last year when our son was only 3. We waited while a family brought a three year old and had to take and retake her pictures because she was "being a three year old", a phrase repeated often "I have an excited three year old" "she's having trouble because she's being a three year old" etc.

When you read the above, you can see how much my family waited for everyone else, who did not follow any of the rules. Was there any attempt to let us go and have our full 30 minute encounter because we followed the rules? There was not. That is the failing that I have the most problem with. The time in the water with the dolphin, which we paid over $600 for, was 22 minutes instead of 30 due to all this. Staff can't control the fact that people think the rules do not apply to them, but they can control enforcing their own rules.

Lastly, my own young son had his feelings hurt in an unnecessary way. He was a bit reluctant to go up to the dolphin for his dance and photo, and so we had to hold his hand and he walked slowly, he didn't run up to the dolphin kicking and screaming I guess fast enough, so just as he reached out to tap the water to dance as instructed the trainer, Marina, said "since you aren't ready yet let's move on" and then called up someone else. He said to me "why did the lady not let me have my turn? Was I bad?". After all we waited for, she couldn't give him another 2 seconds?

In all honesty I'm still wondering why it was acceptable for the other families to not follow rules and make us wait, but if our child required patience for mere seconds because he's five that was totally unacceptable.

I feel like my son deserves an apology, but I can see from the responses here (or lack thereof) that in all likelihood the people that manage this venue don't read and/or care much about reviews. So I'm writing this for my fellow travelers, which has always been the point anyway right?

I totally recommend the park if the cost is feasible for your travel budget and you are okay with smaller/limited exhibits. I recommend focusing on all the ways you can feed animals for less than $4, like the turtles, reef fish, birds.

I only recommend the dolphin encounter if you don't mind waiting for everyone else to blatantly ignore the rules and then wait some more while the staff bend over backwards to acomodate them anyway. Don't worry about checking in early, I know they say it's required, but it's not and it's a waste of vacation time.
Skriftlig 25 juli 2023
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