Strike Zone Sportfishing & Bottom Fishing

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Strike Zone Sportfishing & Bottom Fishing

Strike Zone Sportfishing & Bottom Fishing

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3 inlägg
Great Day Fishing!
maj 2021 • Par
This was extremely fun. Great crew, on the spot, awesome experience. Everything went off on cue, the crew was courteous and helpful every step of the way. We had the most amazing time. Thank you Capt Jay, Carl and Dana!!!
Skriftlig 14 maj 2021
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Maxyne R
Grand Prairie, TX42 inlägg
4 Hour Sport and Bottom Fishing
maj 2021
We booked with Sue just a couple of days before our excursion. We did the four hour sport and bottom fishing tour. There were two captains one of them was John I don't remember the others name. Both of them were great they were all around the boat coaching and chatting with everyone. Most people were able to catch at least one fish and the crew operated bonus rods. If one of the bonus rods got a fish a random number was called to come reel it in. Numbers were assigned at the beginning. I would have loved to go back out with them but they were completely booked up for the rest of our trip. If you catch something you can keep (laws) they will clean it for you on the way back in and if anything is caught and kept on the bonus rods it is divided up and given to all that want some. Over all it was super fun with a great crew and we would recommend.
Skriftlig 10 maj 2021
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Wenatchee, WA6 inlägg
Would book again, try them out.
jan. 2021 • Par
We just returned from a 6-hour trip with Junior, Derrick, and Jack. First, we had a great experience and would do it again tomorrow. All three worked extremely hard to make our experience enjoyable, put us on the fish, provided great humor, and filleted our fish OR scaled and cleaned the smaller ones. Contrary to other reviews we left the dock promptly and returned shortly after our 6 hours. The boat was clean, the gear was decent, and they provided snacks and refreshments. We caught 5 sport fish and lots of different bottom fish. The trip, the boat, and the Captain and two deckhands exceed our expectations. Would be an excellent trip for families or kids.
Skriftlig 25 januari 2021
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Jim B
7 inlägg
Perfect day of fishing!
mars 2020 • Par
Perfect day of fishing! Had a boat of 14 people and everyone was very nice. The crew was awesome under the captain Junior. They put us on fish and helped anyone who needed help catching. I’ve been on a few other charters but Strike Zone did their best to make sure everyone enjoyed their trip. I highly recommend them for your fishing trip.
Skriftlig 12 mars 2020
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Grapevine, TX6 inlägg
Incredible Experience!!
feb. 2020
I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my birthday in Maui! We love to fish in Texas but this was so much more fun with all of the cool fish that were caught. And I was even able to reel in a SHARK!! Obviously not what we were aiming for, but what an amazing experience. Since the shark was so big, I had trouble reeling him in myself and all of the guys helped in any way that they could to make sure that I was successful! They had great music playing and made sure everyone had exactly what they needed for the day.
I would HIGHLY recommend booking a day with this company! So incredibly professional, kind and fun!
Skriftlig 11 februari 2020
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1 inlägg
Wonderful Excursion !
nov. 2019
My girlfriend and I sailed on the Strike Zone while vacationing in Maui on Wednesday, November 6th from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Please note you can pull directly into the marina and drive ALL THE WAY AROUND BACK for ample parking right by the boat (we parked in an adjacent lot and walked over). I must admit that I wasn't expecting much after reading some of the reviews but, made the decision to book this trip based on the fact that it was the least expensive six hour boat ride in Maui I could find. Upon arrival, the balance of the trip was charged to my credit card by Captain Dana and we boarded the vessel greeted by mates Derrick and Jack and witnessed a beautiful sunrise from the boat's stern. As an avid angler, I was extremely impressed with the quality and condition of the gear on board and the layout of the twin Yanmar diesel, 43 foot vessel. Even more impressive were the protocol and instruction imparted upon us by the Captain and crew.
As it should be, safety was addressed first, followed by general housekeeping. Thereafter, each passenger was assigned a number which would be later be called out on a random lottery basis should any fish be caught on the droll of on a deep drop rod. As we left the harbor, lines were immediately deployed and Derrick began a very thorough and entertaining visual instruction as to what would transpire should we hook up on the troll. Before he was finished, the starboard outrigger was hit and it was game on less than 15 minutes from the dock!
A very nice girl named Cindy's number was called. she heeded Derick's instructions and, after a short battle, landed a nice Mahi Mahi, which was quickly gaffed and placed on ice.
We continued to troll out o the first bottom fishing spot with no additional hits for about an hour and a half., at which point the Captain instructed all anglers to choose a spot a the rail where bottom fishing set ups (PENN Jigmaster star drag reels spooled with mono and Ugly Stick type rods more than adequate for the task) were ready and waiting.
It immediately became obvious that Captain Dana knew his stuff with reference to the topography of the bottom and his boat handling prowess. This particular day brought with it a very strong current, but he was able to maneuver the boat so as we had no problem holding with 8 ounce sinkers. The action was fast and steady on the first drop with most anglers landing several blue line snappers that were individually bagged. Captain Dana was extremely attentive and very quick to reposition the boat when the action slowed. Perhaps most impressive (and unheard of on party boats in the Northeast!) was watching the Captain ACTUALLY LEAVE THE HELM and assist the mates in re-rigging and untangling, etc.
Once the tide changed and the bite slowed, the Captain was once again on the move to a much deeper spot that had been productive for him in the past. It was at this location that one of the deep drop rods was hit several times, first by a fish that spit the hook, then by a monster that spooled a reel, then by a huge grey snapper (fantastic eating) that was landed by a gentleman on a stand-up rod who's number was called.
Trolling on the hour and a half ride back to port didn't result in any strikes but, the beauty of the surroundings and pleasant conversation with the Captain and crew had me smiling the whole way back.
All of the snappers were gutted and scaled to be brought home by each passenger that wanted them. Unbelievably, the Mahi Mahi and Grey Snapper (apparently a very valuable fish on the market) were filleted and doled out to each passenger (not a normal practice on most charter boats which customarily keep these fish for sale). Needless to say, there were many happy people at our resort that evening who enjoyed a fish feast prepared by yours truly!
Sincere thanks to this top notch outfit for what turned out to be the highlight of our stay in Hawaii. They are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and HIGHHOOK APPROVED!

Ed Hansen, COO
Skriftlig 20 november 2019
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Orlando, FL11 inlägg
Bottom fishing in Maui
sep. 2019 • Vänner
Do your research on bottom fishing in Maui. There has been no real “GOOD” bottom fishing in Maui for decades. Maui Ocean Center as well as locals explain how Hawaiians have had to travel way out to catch good fish for decades. The local fish you “may” catch are blue stripe snapper which were introduced for some sort of a fish to catch. It is now considered invasive and is ALL you will most likely catch. The Strike Zone will put on a good show by loading up fake squid while trolling out to possibly catch a great sport fish on the way to “the bottom fishing area” but buyer beware.... it is all a show. Spend your dollars on other adventures.
Skriftlig 16 september 2019
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Laura L
Plano, Texas, United States5 inlägg
Great trip
aug. 2019
The crew was friendly and helpful. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is they told us they “clean” the fish for us, but really all they did was cut the head off and scrape the scales. Maybe that’s normal, we were just caught by surprise when we went to cook them. Didn’t have the equipment to properly prepare the fish at our condo. Otherwise great trip.
Skriftlig 20 augusti 2019
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Phoenix, AZ2 inlägg
Pretty disappointing
aug. 2019
I had been deep sea fishing once before in Cape Cod and it was a great experience so I was excited to try it again on my trip to Maui. However I was highly disappointed. Myself and a few others caught 0 fish on the 4 hour tour and the people who were catching fish were all very small around 6 inches. I was expecting to catch big deep sea fish - not the tiny little fish I had seen snorkeling all week long. We spent more time driving around to new fishing spots than we did fishing. The money I spent on this tour was the most expensive excursion I did in Maui yet it was the worst of them all. I would think for $160/person they would have some sort of guarantee in place to catch fish or your money back. I understand it's a business but they should have some sort of policy in place for when fish aren't biting. Partial refunds, invites out on another trip. The bottled water/sandwiches were a nice touch.
Skriftlig 6 augusti 2019
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3 inlägg
Maui Strike Zone fishing lack of customer service
juli 2019 • Familj
We had booked a fishing excursion through ticketsforless. They gave us a great price & my son and I were set to go on the morning of July 12th. On July 11th the island of Maui experienced an 9000 acre brush fire that evacuated roughly 600 people. All phone lines & means of communication were compromised. I decided it was not safe for my son and I to go fishing & to go out in general. I had reached out to Strike Zone fishing charters many times via phone and sent 2 emails, as they were the operators of the catamaran. Countless hotel personnel advised me not to go fishing that day. I called Evan (general manager) for Maui tickets for less. He was not really willing to help in any way. He told me to call Strike Zone, I explained that I had emailed & called them he still refused to help. I received a response to my emails from Dana Klingman (owner?) Stating that she also will not do anything for us & we need to take it up with tickets for less. Safe to say that this experience with both Maui tickets for less & Maui Strike Zone. I know the fire was on the other side of the island, but smoke was everywhere. The fire was out of our hands & strike Zone should have offered something. They refused. At the end of the day I think a few hundred dollars is not worth a review like this.
Skriftlig 25 juli 2019
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