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Matt M
3 inlägg
sep. 2021
Rented a small side by side for a full day. I have to say it was well worth it. The owners were great to work with, the ATV was functionally perfect and the area explored was was unapparelled. I really have zero complaints about the whole process and experience. I dont know if I lucked out on my choice of day but I encountered only one other person the entire day (and that was a guy in a truck with some hunting dogs).When my day was over, the owner took the time to recommend some other excursions in the immediate area that I would enjoy. I drove to the Burr Trail and Scenic Byway 12....and was really happy that it was recommended to me, thank you! I would recommend this experience to anyone.
Skriftlig 5 oktober 2021
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Arcadia, Kalifornien24 inlägg
sep. 2020
When making reservation with American ATV Rentals, Tina said I had to pay in full, and, though I might cancel the reservation 24 hours in advance, I could only get credit for the paid amount. Since American ATV Rentals is the only available ATV rentals in Panguitch, I had not choice but to accept the cancellation policy. We rented 4 UTVs and 2 ATVs from American ATV Rentals on 09/11/2020. The vehicles were pretty old and the doors were difficult to open. In fact, one of the doors could not be opened no matter how we tried and the person would have to jump over the door to get in and out. We were supposed to return the vehicles with full gas. Or, we would be charged $15 for an ATV, $20 for a 2-seater UTV and $25 for a 4-seater UTV. We were prepared to take that deal and made full use of the 4-hour rental. However, we came back almost 30 minutes early and decided to fill up the gas at a local gas station. I filled the gas in the 2-seater that I drove and the gas pump shut off 4 times and I thought I should have finally filled up the gas. (Every other vehicles had the same issue.) However, when my wife reminded me that we should take a look of the gas gauge to make sure that the tank was full. When I turned on the engine, the gas gauge showed about 20% short of full. I had to do the gas pump again and let the gas pump jump 3 times. Then the gas gauge showed it was full. For the 2 gas fills, the total was $4.46. I would have to be charged $15.54 more if I simply returned the vehicle to American ATV Rentals. However, paying outrageously more is not really the issue. The issue is filling up the gas tanks. I ended up spending at least 15 minutes to finish the gas filling. After we turned in the vehicles to American ATV Rentals, I expected that they would quickly inspect the vehicles and settle the account. David and Tina just told us to wait. Then we saw them, after physically inspecting each vehicle, taking time to drive the vehicle out to the street for about 5 minutes. Later, we realized that, in addition to physically inspecting the vehicles, they drove the vehicles out and back to double check if the vehicles had any issues or damages. All 14 of us were kept waiting for more than 30 minutes. Had they told us that it would take a while to finish inspection and that only the person financially responsible, which would be me, needed to stay, I would have asked the other people to go back to the camp to rest. Both Tina and David knew that I was solely financially responsible for any issue because it was I how let them charged $6,600 to my credit card for the security deposit. In addition, both Tina and David told me that, for example, if the vehicle's axle had a scratch or dent, we would have to pay for the damage. However, isn't this kind of "damage" part of the deal? I paid $575/4-seater for 4 hours of use. (By the way, we were told that there was NO GRACE PERIOD! We would have to pay overtime even if we were 1 minute late.) The ATV trails are very bumpy, twist and turns and full of rocks. Isn't some damages to the vehicles part of the deal?
Skriftlig 14 september 2020
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Noblesville, IN12 inlägg
aug. 2020
We rented 2 ATVs for an all day ride through the Fremont ATV trail system. Upon arriving, Tina asked us to fill out the necessary paper work and waiver forms. We were charged a reasonable deposit; which fell off the credit card immediately that evening.

Both Tina and Dave were very professional and took the time to make sure my wife, a first timer, was completely comfortable with the machine prior to heading for the trail. They were very thorough with explaining the trail system and what to look for along the way. The helmet and gloves were in good condition. The ATVs did have some wear on them, however it never affected the performance of them.

When we were ready to depart, Tina hopped on an ATV and took us to the beginning of the trail system. The trails had smooth areas and very rocky areas. It was definitely a challenge. Being from Indiana, we never see this type of terrain. Be prepared for a day of absolute beauty! If you plan to do an all day trip, bring a backpack cooler for food and drinks!!

Our day concluded with a ride through Casto Canyon which is like riding though the belly of Bryce Canyon NP!! I cannot even begin to explain the beauty of this area. YOU HAVE TO RIDE THROUGH CASTO CANYON!!

We considered another ATV company prior to booking with American ATV. Once I spoke to both Dave and Tina on the phone, my decision was made up. My wife and i had so much fun that day it will forever live in our memories.

Fyi...if you do the all day trip, your arms will feel like wet noodles for next day or two. was so worth EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.
Skriftlig 16 augusti 2020
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Brek M
4 inlägg
juni 2020
American ATV rentals was great and I highly recommend! I have rode and rented ATV's in many places around the world and this area ranks up with my favorites. It is a great and unique way to explore the beautiful area. I was shocked by the amazing red rocks and views of the Casto Canyon. You get to drive right through the Canyon and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and explore further. Don't miss the panoramic lookout point! In my mind, renting an ATV to explore this area is much better than just going into Bryce Canyon National Park and hiking. You get to see so much more with limited people around! I will be bringing groups back in the future because one day wasn't enough for me and I know others will appreciate the experience. Dave and his counterpart were great people with a lot of awesome tips. Thanks American ATV rentals, cannot wait to be back!!
Skriftlig 1 juli 2020
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Rutherford, NJ17 inlägg
sep. 2019 • Par
My husband and I rented a 2 seater ATV as well as the tour guide who rode separately in a quad. The ATV was quite worn, the driver’s side door had a broken reinforcement bar that was repaired with tape. The googles that we rented were scratched and worn.

During the ride the door opened and the fiberglass door bent. Our guide and my husband managed to close the door with a little effort.

On return to Panguitch we were directed to a glass station where we were expected to fill up the vehicle and pay for the gas, I was surprised at this and felt it penny pinching as the 4 1/2 hours ride was $450. But this charge was noted in the contract that I signed and didn’t read properly.

When we returned to the office our guide was on the phone to Dave to tell him about the door situation, she wanted to charge us for ‘depreciation’ as well as the time she took to shut the already broken door. We adamantly refused to pay any extra.

Not a company we would use again or recommend.
Skriftlig 26 september 2019
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New York177 inlägg
aug. 2018 • Familj
Last month our family of four (wife and I in our fifties and 2 mid/late teenage kids) spent a week and a half in Utah doing hiking and other excursions in three canyons (Arches/Moab, Bryce and Zion). We took many excursions and I will enthusiastically comment that American ATV was one of the best. We did the guided Casto Canyon ride (about 40 miles from 8am until about 3pm including safety demo). The views were breathtaking and incredibly varied as we ascended from about 6,000 to 9,000+ feet. Dave, our guide and the owner along with his wife, was incredibly knowledgeable about the area, and he had a unique ability to talk in detail about the geology and keep us all interested! He was nice, patient and our enjoyment of the experience was very important to him. I would recommend his company in a minute to anyone looking for something interesting to do while at Bryce.
Skriftlig 19 september 2018
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Laura S
1 inlägg
aug. 2018 • Vänner
This was my first time driving an ATV, so we had a guided tour. I'm so glad we did - our guide was a good teacher and very knowledgeable about the history and geology of the area. She shared all sorts of great information while leading us to amazing places I didn't expect to see. We saw green hoodoos, red hoodoos, beautiful mountain views, and had a thrilling ride. I didn't know something could be so serene and so excited at the same time. Definitely recommend.
Skriftlig 25 augusti 2018
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Algonquin, IL44 inlägg
juli 2018 • Par
Decided to try ATV'ing in the area. From the moment we stopped in to get info until the end of our ride, the staff here were very friendly and helpful. We chose the 5- hour, unguided trip. They knew we didn't have a lot of experience, but put our minds at ease. The day of, we received a safety overview and they gave us a map and reviewed it thoroughly. The staff then rode us to the trailhead, where they were going to be guiding another group, and sent us on our way. WOW! We had a blast! The scenery was beautiful and pretty technical, but we could take it at our own pace. We saw the other group twice and both times, the staff checked in with us to make sure we were having fun. Make sure to bring plenty of water and some snacks to enjoy at Peterson Point. (We wore our camelbacks)
We would definitely do it again!
Skriftlig 18 augusti 2018
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Las Vegas, NV2 inlägg
juli 2018 • Par
Had a great experience. Dave and Tina were very pleasant and helpful. Dave took his time going over the vehicles and the terrain. We took an unguided full day tour at our own pace. The price was reasonable and worth every penny. The quads were in great shape. Will definitely be back and also highly recommend.
Skriftlig 15 juli 2018
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Darlene Y
Wesley Chapel, FL22 inlägg
sep. 2017 • Vänner
We did a sunset 4 wheeler ride. It was a great experience and fantastic ride! We rode all over the red canyon and the famous castro canyon. The owner Dave was very knowledgeable about the terrain and was a great guide! You can't go wrong renting ATV's from him! He had everything ready and gave great directions on how to operate the vehicle. He personally took us out and was a fantastic guide! I highly recommend American ATV rentals if you are in the Panguitch Utah.
Skriftlig 8 september 2017
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