Community Park / WWII P.O.W. Camp

Community Park / WWII P.O.W. Camp, Princeton - omdömen

Community Park / WWII P.O.W. Camp

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Princeton, TX1 037 inlägg
mars 2021 • Ensam
Past ww2 pow camp not much there but a park
Sign and water tower is all that remains
Nice tie in to the past
Skriftlig 8 april 2021
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Kay M
Princeton, TX13 inlägg
juli 2018 • Familj
If you want to know more about the POW park you need to find the book made of Princeton about 20 years ago. It is really quite interesting. Not much to see here, but there is a nice playground for the kids and baseball diamonds.
Skriftlig 19 mars 2019
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Jeff A
Copeville, TX160 inlägg
juli 2018 • Ensam
Maybe it was of historical importance once upon a time but now, it's just a wall with a plaque. Could've been more significant if there was actually something there.
Skriftlig 5 juli 2018
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Jeremy E
40 inlägg
maj 2016 • Par
I was a bit disappointed. I had hoped for some cool display or set up, but it is a field. Now, they did put up a park area for baseball and bathrooms and parking. But when visiting an old POW camp historical site I kind of expected to see something historical .
Skriftlig 17 augusti 2016
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Danny D
Texas186 inlägg
mars 2016 • Familj
Usually quiet unless ball games are going on. Not really much to see as far as the old POW Camp goes but there are plans in place to change that. Nice spot for a BBQ or Picnic or to watch some games.
Skriftlig 25 mars 2016
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Princeton, TX46 inlägg
jan. 2016
This 88.5 acre park has a great deal of potential, but is grossly underutilized and the developed portion seems to be in a constant state of repair or maintainance considering the amount of investment put into it which I have been told was around $1M. Unfortunately, the entrance sign you see in the photo is about as "pertty" as it gets.

However, it does have it's uses as it does see some usage in the spring/summer ball league seasons and the City of Princeton uses it for their larger events. But, that's about it.

The W.W. II P.O.W. Camp designation appears to be somewhat of an attempt to attract historical interest in Princeton in general, but from what I understand, it's a bit of a stretch as there were only a maximum of 25 or so low-level, low-risk German POWs here at any given time during the war and they all got along well with the surrounding community. So much so that they even, supposedly, became part of it.

Perhaps 15-20 acres of the park's area are developed and consist of 5 finished fields, including 4 lighted ball fields and one soccer field. The lights work well, but the scoreboards don't and on the 2 Northern fields, the wiring leading to the scoreboards that's supposed to be buried, has been laying in the open for almost 2 years now. These same 2 fields are constantly in need of some kind of repair and while the city seems to try to get to it and starts, it never finishes. In addition, there is a substantial lighted parking lot along with 2 covered but open concrete eating platforms suitable for large (40-50 person) family, work, fraternal or other mild weather, picnics or gatherings. While these are open to public use, the city requires a reservation (and payment I'm sure, though I don't think it's a bank breaker) for larger single gatherings. One of these platforms is immediately next to the parking lot on the West side while the other is approximately 100 yards east of the parking lot in a flood prone area which, when it rains, makes it useless unless you don't mind wading in and out of mud. There are 2 bathroom buildings West of the parking lot and each has outdoor adult and child water fountains which seem to work (sometimes) in the spring and summer months only (I've never been in the bathrooms and don't know what kind of condition they're in). There's also a decent little playground for small children and a beach volley ball station on the Western side of the parking lot. Beyond this is a maintainance shed where the Park's Dept. keeps equipment.

The park also is also home to an unfinished and badly neglected frisbee golf course which seems to have been born from abandonded plans to place a regular golf course here some time ago. Unfortunately, the course is badly overgrown and also lies in the flood prone Eastern side of the park which makes it all but useless when even the slightest rains appear. In fact, I've never seen anyone actually use it but did read about one intrepid soul who tried, but was forced to abandon his attempt because of the state it is in.

Presently, the park is littered with debris from the tornadoes which affected the immediate area and Garland several weeks ago and someone has driven a truck into the open area behind the soccer field and dumped an unsightly large plastic tarp filled with stuff. This left ugly tire tracks leading to the stuff which has been laying there for weeks now. Ironically, there is a dumpster (though marked not for public use) on the North East corner ot the parking lot not 30 yards from where the truck entered. As there is a maintainance shed next to the fields, I know they've seen it but have yet to do anything about it.

The other 68-73 acres are wide open, mostly grassy and well trimmed areas quite well suited for running your dogs. I come here nearly every morning and on the occasional late afternoon to let my dogs unwind from being at home all day. During the times I come, I almost never see anyone else save the rare fellow dog person on the opposite side of the park or the occasional smooching (or smoking) youth in the parking lot who usually leave immediately when I or anyone else get there. There are some trees on the Eastern and Western sides of the park, but, for the most part it's open grassy fields. Surrounding the park are tree lines marking other properties that are privately owned.

While the city seems to be trying (they're attempting to deal with the flooding issues by enlargening the drainage culvert, but it's taking forever), they also seem to drag their feet (management issues?). As it is right now, it's great for dogs and little league games, but it has a lot of potential for so much more. I wish it would get a little more love.

Skriftlig 21 januari 2016
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Arlington, VA129 inlägg
juli 2015 • Ensam
I saw the sign for this as I was headed west on Hwy. 380. I had seen this sign before on previous trips and decided to explore. I followed 2 more signs that led me down some residential streets and finally to a park. There was a fork in the road and the sign for the POW Camp had an arrow pointing directly down the middle between the roads! I was confused, but then realized that this park must be the site of the camp, even though there was no physical evidence of it anymore. It's too bad that none of the buildings were kept and restored as a museum. I did see the water tower in the distance. I did not get out of my car, so I didn't realize there was a plaque/marker commemorating this site until I read about it later.
Skriftlig 5 augusti 2015
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Princeton, TX57 inlägg
apr. 2013
The park currently has a playground, several baseball fields, a small basketball court, camping sights, restrooms, grills, a covered pavilion and a concession stand. The city is in the process of adding a walking trail and a disc golf course. It's great if you're looking for somewhere free to hang out with the family.
Skriftlig 19 augusti 2013
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Dallas, TX8 121 inlägg
mars 2012 • Par
The grounds are those that housed prisoners in World War II. I am aware that many not in that generation would not find this interesting, however to be at a site in the United States where these prisoners were held is quite interesting. There are no buildings remaining however there is a plaque, several acres of nice grounds and the old water tower. The historical plaque gives history of the area. The park is a short distance from the main street in Princeton and the entire area can be covered in a few minutes. There are some sports fields on the grounds, however don't let that take away form the historical significance.
Skriftlig 4 maj 2012
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