Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery

Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery, McKinney - omdömen

Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery
12:00 - 16:00
12:00 - 16:00
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Dallas, TX70 inlägg
mars 2018 • Par
Went here for a bottle of wine and some amazing pizza they have a huge menu walked around for an hour awesome place to go get away from the crowds I highly recommend everything on the menu especially the Smore‘s dessert also they had gluten-free pizza
Skriftlig 15 mars 2018
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McKinney, TX97 inlägg
sep. 2016 • Par
We have been to several Wales Manor evening concerts and love going! It makes for a great date night or group event with other adults. The setting is perfection, with the Alamo stage setting and the forest of trees providing the background, you'll even see at dusk. The sound and lighting is top notch. Concerts are usually in the cooler months spring & fall. The wood-fired pizza is excellent too! Don't personally know about the wine as we don't drink, but friends with us said they were great. Be sure to sign up for the e-alerts for the concert as concert notices can be with only a 1 or 2 week notice because of unpredictable weather issues. A concert favorite is the Rat Pack concert of classics.
Skriftlig 6 januari 2017
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Jeff H
Plano, TX174 inlägg
aug. 2015 • Par
Great place for Saturday night concerts with pizza & wine under the stars. The groups range from country to Sinatra. Get on their email list to get the calendar of events.
Skriftlig 15 december 2015
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Plano, TX1 inlägg
sep. 2015 • Arbete
We had our wedding at Wales Manor and it was AMAZING. John and Jackie met with me at my convenience to discuss all the particulars. They truly went out of their way to accommodate me and my fiancé. They have a gorgeous venue. It was very affordable as well. I was shocked actually how inexpensive it was compared to surrounding venues. At sunset, the view is breathtaking. At night the clear lights in the trees, the beautiful replica of the Alamo which is the stage or centerpiece for your wedding, or event is just amazing. The outside brick oven really adds a special touch that no one has, it was awesome. We had brick oven pizzas made fresh for our guests and it was a SMASH!! The winery was a lovely setting for our dinner and dancing. The wood floors and the wine barrels really accented our rustic decor, it could make any decor really pop! The bridal room is VERY roomy and and stays nice and cold. Their wines are delicious and STRONG! We had a blast! Our guests raved at how lovely and classy everything was. I would have another event here in a hot second. I HIGHLY recommend this venue. Its just far enough out of the city to get the feel of being "out of town" but not too far for guests to enjoy,
Skriftlig 21 oktober 2015
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Melissa B
Grapevine, TX1 inlägg
apr. 2014 • Vänner
Wales Manor is absolutely, hands down one of our favorite event venues ever! My husband and I were married there on April 26, 2014. The day was perfect! Josey and Jacqui were wonderful to work with and did everything they could to give us the wedding of our dreams! They were very accommodating and helpful during the planning. The day of the event, both were there along with their staff to help set up and make sure everything went as planned. They followed through on everything we had agreed on; I feel certain they went out of their way to make sure our day was perfect! Our guests raved about the wedding; everyone had a wonderful time! It is a beautiful, beautiful setting for any event! And the cherry on top? The amazing wine!!!
Since the wedding, we have been back for several concerts. Each one absolutely wonderful!!! We love visiting Wales Manor and highly recommend it to anyone! We love taking friends out there for an evening of great music, great wine and great fellowship!
Skriftlig 28 januari 2015
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Mike F
10 inlägg
okt. 2014 • Vänner
I have had the great pleasure of attending several functions at Wales Mano. These range from wine tasting, to weddings, and spectacular music events. The staff is always delightful and accommodating and the facility rivals any in the area for what they offer. The outdoor music venue is in my opinion the most fantastic of all. Music under that starts with some of the very best local and national artist in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Wine and beverages available and they now also have an outdoor pizza kitchen to make the experience even better. Whether you are looking to hold a family event or just want to taste the wine, Wales Manor will be sure to surprise you with a magnificent experience of Texas style home and hospitality.
Skriftlig 6 januari 2015
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1 inlägg
sep. 2014
I got married here 9/14/14. We booked the venue in March. We came in on a Sunday during regular business hours, did a wine tasting like a regular customer and met with Jackie, the owners wife to sign contract, etc. We wanted something small (family only) and didn't want to spend a fortune. We decided on a Sunday afternoon ceremony. This way, we were able to have the venue private for a couple of hours and they could still open to the public for the rest of the day. As of March, they were open on Sunday from noon-4pm. The contract that we signed was set up for someone booking the venue for the entire day so not everything applied to us, but it does state that we can come in an hour early to set up and an hour after to clean up. We didn't even think twice about the cleanup beCause the venue was suppose to have been open until 4 the day of the wedding. My balance was paid in full and details were worked out in advance. We stopped by the day before to do a quick run through and let out parents and family do a tasting. Nothing was mentioned about any changes being made. At 8:30pm the night before the wedding, I get a TEXT from Jackie saying that she will not be opening the gates until 11am on the dot and that we would need to be out by 2pm. I called her back immediately because being out by 2 would be impossible. She said she had somewhere to be and that she needed to leave by 2pm. Although I found this to be rude and unprofessional, I compromised and agreed to be out by 2:30. We arrived at the venue at 11am on the dot. The gate was open and the door to the winery was open. We began setting up around 11:05. About 5 minutes later a woman came in and began sternly telling us that we were NOT to enter the premises before 11am and that "Jackie was furious and livid" That she "under quoted the price and that she was not making any money". We paid a total of 720 dollars for 14 guests, 3.5 hours (total), 6 bottles of wine and 4 frozen pizzas. I promise, they made money. Maybe not what they would have made on a 100 guest, 8 hour event, but they made money. Regardless, if they didn't want to mess with making 500 quick bucks on a Sunday afternoon, they shouldn't have booked it. Regardless of whether they made 5 dollars or 5000, this was someone's wedding day. A day that my family will remember forever...and if they made a commitment to us, it should have been kept. On top of being yelled at upon arrival, the grass was unmowed, the floors were filthy and generally, the place looked a little run down. No worries, it was a small family event, we didn't let it get to us. At this point, we're on a pretty tight schedule so we we're ready to kick things off at noon. Nope. The wine couldn't be poured until 12:15 because it needed to breathe. Also, guests were allowed one glass of wine each. Wine of their choice. Some preferred the sweet blush, some a dry red and others a white. Nope. Everyone got the same thing. Red. No choices. Period. Well, not everyone liked the red. Oh, well, that's the wine that Jackie said we were allowed to have. Moving on, during the ceremony the winery employee was literally 2 feet away from us taking pictures and video "for the website". She is literally in my wedding pictures. Okay, still, no one is getting upset. Except Jackie. Who is cursing us I'm Spanish. Well, there's a few of us who spoke Spanish and know exactly what she said. Facebook would probably delete this post if I included some of her comments. At 2pm we announced that the event was over and started cleaning up. While my sisters cleaned, my new hubby and I were taking out pictures outside. At 2:10 the winery employee came directly to me with a bill for 80-something dollars and told us that we needed to pay and leave. That pictures were not allowed. The total of what we owed them changed again to 120 for additional wine and guests. The original contract was for 14 guests plus bride and groom. 16 total. There were two children who came who ate 1 piece of pizza each and had no wine. I called and mentioned to jackie months before and mentioned that we'd forgotten to include the kids and she said, no problem, they won't be drinking. Nope. We were charged $60 for those two slices of pizza. Also, my husband and I never got our "one glass per person" wine. We only drank from the bottle we purchased separately for the ceremony. We bought additional bottles for the table and I agree to those additional charges, but the bill should have been for 4 bottles of wine. They just kept sticking extra stuff on there to try and make a little extra. Regardless, after being asked to leave at 2:10pm, Jackie proceeded to scream at me. I am literally standing there in my wedding dress being yelled at because she was late to her party. This went on for about 20 minutes and finally ended with is just throwing everything in our car, meeting at a gas station down the road and sorting everything out. After all of that, we were still out by 2:30pm. I have never in my life been treated so rudely, much less on my wedding day. I can't say enough about the complete and utter lack of professionalism with which Wales Manor is run and about the lack of class, manners and basic human decency that Jackie has as a person. At the end of the day, I married my best friend and celebrated it with my family but that day will always be scarred with the horrible experience caused by Jackie and Wales Manor. I would never, ever do business with these people again or recommend them to anyone I know.
Skriftlig 21 september 2014
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Dallas, TX28 inlägg
apr. 2013 • Vänner
Traveling less than 30 minutes north of Allen, Texas this winery has built an inviting outdoor setting to accommodate small concerts as well as weddings & private events or parties. It is an amphitheater setting so everyone has a view. There are some cafe tables along the front near the stage first come first serve basis. During concerts their wines are available for purchase and while you can bring food in you cannot bring in beverages. They have a pizza oven where brick fired pizzas are a specialty & when paired with their lovely Tempranillo wine are delicious! The venue has a single drawback depending on your perspective and that is the stage is designed to replicate the Alamo & there is a Bell Tower akin to UT. (Which was part of the reason our bride to be did not select this venue for her wedding. Kind of a distraction to the reason for the occasion.
Skriftlig 7 oktober 2013
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McKinney, TX165 inlägg
juli 2011 • Vänner
Taste the wine and enjoy the visit. Nice little vineyard and wine tasting.
Skriftlig 12 juni 2012
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Denton, TX19 inlägg
maj 2012 • Vänner
We stopped by Wales Manor this past weekend with friends from out of town with the intent of trying and buying some wine. We went here first because their website still advertised free tastings. When we got there, the sign said "4 tastings for $5". This wouldn't have been a problem, except the website advertised (in all caps) FREE TASTINGS. I pulled up the website on my blackberry and pointed this out to the owner, whose attitude was, that's too bad, we charge now. I said, I understand, but since it is still on your website, that's false advertising. The owner was extremely rude to us and told the girl in charge of tastings to allow two of our party (there were four of us) two tastings each. The explanation was with free tastings large groups would come to taste for free, get drunk, and not buy any wine. I told them I understood that problem, and many wineries in California that still offer free tastings limit it to parties of six or less.

Since we were treated so rudely we left without bothering to taste any wine. We understand oversights like this happen, and if the owner was apologetic and at least acted like she had no problem honoring our request (since it was on THEIR website, not from an outside source) we would have stayed with the intent to like and buy some of their wine. We were treated so rudely not only did we decide to leave and never patronize their business again; I'm also telling everyone I know to please don't bother trying their wines. We ended up going to Landon in the town of McKinney. They were very nice, we enjoyed the wines we tried (there were too many to try them all in one day) and we purchased four bottles from them.
Skriftlig 28 maj 2012
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