Cumberland Caverns

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Cumberland Caverns
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Delta H
Milton, FL21 inlägg
okt. 2021
My husband & I took the 1.5 mile tour. The cave is beautiful! Our tour guide (Josh) was great. We opted out of the light show because my husband's knees just wouldn't let him climb those uneven steps, and this was a bummer, but we did get to see some wonderful features of the cave. I would recommend this to anyone.
Skriftlig 12 oktober 2021
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Mims, FL252 inlägg
Great time
okt. 2021 • Vänner
We got to attend an event called Cumberland Caverns Live. It was a performance by three bands headlined by The Allman Betts Band. We did not know what to expect when we got the invitation. We had a great time and really enjoyed the performances. Just a note, the cave maintains a 58 degree temperature. Dress accordingly. Great time. Highly recommend.
Skriftlig 5 oktober 2021
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New York, NY18 inlägg
Great caves to explore; questionable management/training
okt. 2021 • Par
This is going to be a negative review. I will revisit when I’m more emotionally distanced from the outing and edit as needed.

I went on the Higgenbotham tour on a Monday afternoon. We booked the tour two weeks in advance. At that time, we were the only guests scheduled: 2 adults.

On the day of the tour, four others joined our group, which included 3 children aged 10(?) to 16.

I had never been on a lengthy cave tour* before but for some reason I feared that including kids could be a frustrating affair; was hoping to be proven wrong. Sadly: not the case.

At first everyone seemed calm and reasonable. I enjoyed the other group’s banter. Giggled on occasion when the youngest said funny things. Celebrated their successful crawls through tight spaces just as I did for my partner.

Later in the tour, the energy of the two male kids (one older and one younger) seemed to dominate. They were singing , whining, and even attempting Mongolian chants. It was tolerable for the first hour or so.

Separate from that, I found the tour to be more challenging for me than I anticipated. I am physically fit. That was not the concern. The challenge here is not about distance or strength so much as it is navigating unpredictable terrain.

Initially, the head lamp attached to my helmet was dying, making it challenging to see. Each step was nerve-racking on the mud-slicked rock. The guide provided me w a replacement lamp, and even added a second. That was a great relief. Even with the better lighting, visibility is still limited. I unintentionally tested out the helmet multiple times, as I hit my head repeatedly. It was challenging to know when it was clear to stand up, at times, after crawling or crouching through certain sections.

I found the physicality part of it challenging but good. I’m a fan of doing activities that force you out of your comfort zone which may inspire new modes of physical training.

Despite my love for exercise and the outdoors, the cave terrain brought with it some anxiety. I shared this with the guide on multiple occasions. I explained that I was more nervous than I had anticipated. I explained that I had broken my wrist many months ago, and I was very worried about falling.

Two hours in or longer, I shared w the guide that the kids’ antics were “driving me nuts.” We all continued forward.

At one point when we were about to crawl through another tight junction, perhaps it was the “birth canal,” I had reached my limit with the noise and called back to the group: “can we quit with the singing ?!!” The response I received was a whiny kid saying : “you don’t like my singing?” I explained: “I’m dealing with serious anxiety up here and I can’t cope.” That quieted them down for about five minutes. But shortly thereafter, the whining, the singing, and chanting began anew.

I do not fault the kids. I am incredibly disappointed that no attempt was made by the other adults present to modify their behavior.
The mother made no attempt to reel the kids in. The guide made no attempt to communicate to the group the need for consideration of all present.

It is unclear to me the training of the guides. Do they have first responder training? Are they prepared for people to have emotional/anxiety concerns on these tours ?

I am a frequent participant of group hikes both locally and elsewhere (have even done some basic spelunking in the past). A professional guide will begin by explaining their training/certification(s). They will communicate to everyone in the group their expectations for behavior in order for all to enjoy their shared time together. They will invite guests to share with them either privately or with the group present any health/emotional concerns they may have. They will assure everyone that they are there to support them.

I have no criticism of the specific guide. My criticism is of the operation as a whole and training overall.

The guide was pleasant, confident, and engaging. She seemed to love her job and the caves. She had a small bag with her, which I initially guessed would have included first aid supplies, but instead it included snacks.

When we finally exited the caves, the mother of the children thanked us for our patience w them, then added: “but they were just having so much fun!” Well, Lady, at least YOU all had fun. Wish I could say the same for myself.

Side notes:
Booking was clear and easy. Staff were fast to call me back when not available initially for booking. They helped me pick the specific tour based on my general description of my fitness. Though, I found it odd that they couldn’t tell me the expected mileage for the tour. On site, I couldn’t get clear guidance on whether I could/should bring a bag so I opted not to. In the end I would have liked to have had my bag with me: with water, a snack, and my phone. I think they should strongly encourage knee pads. I was grateful to have them, but my bf didn’t make the effort to get any.

In the end, I will probably try exploring caves again, but not with this company. Next time, I will be prepared with better questions before I book.
Skriftlig 5 oktober 2021
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Dewayne P
Elizabethtown, KY1 453 inlägg
What a fun underground experience
okt. 2021
I came out for a cave tour and ended up seeing a concert in the cave! I heard it was one of the largest caves in TN so decided to drive out. They have plenty of on site parking and several level options, to include the historic tour which is good for kids of all ages. The tour guide was both informative and entertaining. A large cave is the venue for concerts throughout the year and luckily I came the day Sister Hazel was playing and was able to catch that on top of the tour! They have a decent sized gift shop where you start and end your tour.
Skriftlig 4 oktober 2021
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Kim M
1 inlägg
Amazing sound, great band, perfect venue
okt. 2021 • Par
Started out at this amazing restaurant called Collins River BBQ and cafe. Great personal service, great food and close by. Headed to Cumberland Caverns after. The short hike was nice. About a quarter of mile of gravel and woods. When you get to cave entrance it’s a bit of an uneven and steep hike for me but totally worth it. Amazing sound. Great band! Beautiful atmosphere. I was worried I would be cold but I was very comfortable. Different types of seating. Chairs with backs, chairs and tables and bleacher type seating. Really, I had the best time. Hoping to come back to hear more great bands as this was our first time.
Skriftlig 2 oktober 2021
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1 inlägg
Overnight Cave Adventure
sep. 2021 • Familj
We did the overnight cave adventure as a celebration of our youngest daughter’s 13th birthday. It was an awesome experience that included the walking tour and Rocky Topper. Brianna was our guide and was knowledgeable and fun and somehow managed to keep a group of 26 scouts in line! Highly recommend for as a family bonding experience!
Skriftlig 22 september 2021
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Shane B
Aledo, IL59 inlägg
Great place
aug. 2021 • Ensam
Got there early, and was the first tour of the day, no one else was there to tour so I got a vip private tour with Jermany. He did a great job, he pointed out a lot of stuff he liked in the cave. He did a few of the tour jokes, but it was really cool private tour. The gift shop was nice and clean, and good prices on stuff.
Skriftlig 26 augusti 2021
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Duluth, MN27 inlägg
Fun Cave Hike
aug. 2021 • Familj
The guides here are excellent. This is a hour and a half walk through a cave. The guide provided history and comic relief. There are lots of stairs to go see a light show but I felt it was worth it. Amazing natural formations.
Skriftlig 15 augusti 2021
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Dawhn C
Tuttle, Oklahoma, United States112 inlägg
aug. 2021 • Familj
Largest cave I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t the most beautiful I’ve seen but still very impressive. Tour guide was very good. Glad we decided to go.
Skriftlig 14 augusti 2021
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Maryland1 209 inlägg
It was fine
aug. 2021 • Familj
We enjoyed the tour and the guide was great. The cave is huge but not as spectacular as those with all the stalagmites and stalactites. It’s a massive, massive set of spaces…it’s worth seeing, I guess if it’s convenient and on your path.
Skriftlig 6 augusti 2021
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