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Pittsburgh, PA424 inlägg
A fun place to spend a few hours, but not cheap
juli 2020
The Caddie Shak has some fun stuff! The activities add up in price quite quickly, though.

There are two miniature golf courses (Highlander & Olde). They said Highlander was more challenging, but we didn't find they were all that different. The courses were certainly really nice at one time. The water features & setup is great. However, they could use some maintenance. Several have features that are blocked off (a second way to reach the green that doesn't work), and numerous greens seem angled (un-intentionally) so that the balls all end up in the same spot and against the wall; you can't even move the ball away to putt as it rolls right back due to the angle. These could be really great with some maintenance. We still had a great time, but it would be nicer if they put some work into it.

The go-karts don't go super fast, but they're fast enough. I got spun out & hit once, and it rattles you. We did the regular track (I think they call it "Grand Prix"), and it was good. The course has lots of turns, and we all really enjoyed the race.

The bumper boats are not really aptly named; they move VERY slowly and don't "bump" much at all. However, it was a hot day (over 90), and the squirt guns on the boat worked well enough for us to have a fantastic time squirting one another. This ended up being the most fun part of our visit for me. I thought it would be a waste, but it was such fun. I recommend these.

The staff was hit or miss. The girls behind the counter were pretty apathetic. There were several people waiting, and one girl waited on the first person in line while the others stood around, not seeming to do much. They also weren't super helpful explaining the purchase options and what would get us the best deal for our money. Others around the facility were friendly & helpful, though.

There's not a ton to do in this area in the summer, and we enjoyed a few hours at the Caddie Shak. I'd recommend it, but just know going in that it's neither a cheap diversion nor in top condition.
Skriftlig 24 juli 2020
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Heidi L
Greensburg, PA10 inlägg
Poor neglected Caddie Shak
sep. 2018 • Par
My family and I went to Caddie Shak for a game of miniature golf. We chose the Highlands course that usually has the waterfalls. Well they did not have the water running and the water that was laying around in the puddles was smelly and stagneg. There were weeds protruding on to the course and debris on each of the holes. The wooden boards for the walkways are rotting away or broken. Anything that is painted is chipping away. All the signs that say to watch your step, are knocked down, fading, or broken. So my advice is to find a nicer amusement area for your family to spend time. Preferably a place that takes pride in safety and appearance.
Skriftlig 1 september 2018
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Lakewood, NJ63 inlägg
Run down
aug. 2018 • Familj
We visited as a family of 5 in August 2018 as a quick stop on the way home. We purchased an 'hour wristband' for $10/pp. The claim to offer many attractions, but they are all run down and in poor condition. Their go karts were alright, and they even had a 'rookie track' which my five-year-old could drive himself. But the 'bumper boats' were boats in a green, algae-filled pool of water. The 'boats' barely moved without much "bump" and their "sprayers" did not water (not sure if I wanted to get sprayed by that water anyhow). The miniature golf was not much better - old and dingy. The other rides are decrepit carnival spinning rides. If you want to burn money for an hour, it'll do.
Skriftlig 21 augusti 2018
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Stephanie K
Madison, WI11 inlägg
Turned off the lights 30 minutes before closing
aug. 2018 • Par
My husband and I had a rare night out to celebrate our anniversary. On our way up to dinner, we saw the mini golf course and thought it would be a fun way to wrap up our evening. We finished up dinner and I checked to make sure that they would still be open with enough time to complete a mini golf course. We paid at the entrance and then made our way up to the top to get the golf clubs. No one directed us to where we could get balls, clubs, and the score card. We finally found the items and then went to the course. We got through ten holes when they turned off the lights on the course and left us in the dark. This was still a half hour before they were supposed to close. We paid $10.90 for ten holes and a pretty cruddy experience. Definitely not worth it in my opinion. We decided to just find our way back to the top using our cell phones as flashlights and got back up to the top. We did not ask for a refund and we did not make a scene (we wanted to end our anniversary in a more positive manner) but I did decide to write a review in case others wish to try this place out. I will say that we had a great time with the first ten holes and if they had kept the lights on and not closed early, I probably would have given them the full five stars. But there was no warning, no explanation, and no apology and they left us in a potentially dangerous situation while trying to find our way back to the building in the dark. Lower your expectations if you end up trying this place. Good luck!
Skriftlig 11 augusti 2018
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Lyndsay D
Latrobe, PA192 inlägg
Not What I Expected
juli 2018 • Familj
I found a deal for the 3 hour wrist band for 12.50 each, so I decided to surprise my son for his 6th birthday with the tickets. Had my family of 4 paid full price, it would've come out to $108. Let me tell you, that price is not worth it. The mini golf course had litter throughout the entire course and had the appearance of not being cleaned daily, the waterfall was not working on the golf course, the go karts looked old and run down ( especially the kiddie go karts), the arcade is a joke with very like to do in there and the staff is less than friendly and not very welcoming. I gave it 3 stars because both children had a good time and at the end of the day, that's what matters to me. But, we definitely won't be returning to Caddie Shak and we only live about a half an hour away.
Skriftlig 8 juli 2018
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Jacob S
1 inlägg
Poor service and management
juli 2018 • Vänner
We played three holes of mini golf when it started to thunder and were asked to wait inside—nothing wrong with that. We waited around for about 45 minutes until it started to clear up and asked if we could go back out and they informed us that they decided to close early and no one told us even though we were sitting right in front of them. I asked for a refund and the manager would only offer a rain check. I told him that we lived several hours away and would not be returning anytime soon, to which he responded, “sure you will”. Despite telling him about how we waited around unnecessarily while they decided to close early he refused to offer even a partial refund. If a company plans on keeping my money despite the kind of service I experienced, which wasted a large part of our evening, I highly doubt it’s worth patronizing.
Skriftlig 4 juli 2018
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Pgh PA285 inlägg
Family Fun at the Shack!
maj 2018 • Familj
Family of 4, 2 adults, 2 teens visited for first time Saturday May 26.It was a total last minute "driving by" stop. There may be better deals online or in local coupon books. We just did 1 hour wristbands for $10.99 each. It wasn't busy so in an hour we mini golfed, did bumper boats and go karts. If its really busy, you may want to see other options. The staff was friendly, the place is well kept and it was fun! They offer in addition to or purchase, battling cages, an arcade, small go -karts, some other kind of racing cars, a few small amusement rides, and a 2nd mini golf..I would plan a hole day but a few hours or less, yes!
Skriftlig 28 maj 2018
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Ashley H
Masontown Pa2 inlägg
sep. 2017 • Familj

Today we drove an hour to the Caddie Shak in Donegal Pa after seeing the deal online for 3 hour pass for $25. No where on the site did it say a time as to when they quit selling them. We got to the ticket booth at 4:05 and there was a sign saying that the wristbands will not be sold after 4:30, ok great we still made it in time. I asked for 2 bands for my children, which she proceeded to ring me out for and then at the last second cancelled the sale and said oh we don't sell them past 4 anymore and took down the sign. We drove an hour and the kids were excited so I spent the same $50 I would have and bought 65 tickets. The 65 tickets lasted them 45 minutes. Totally disappointing. We went and spoke to a manager who also stated that there was nothing they would do. Very poor customer service, very disappointing experience.
Skriftlig 17 september 2017
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Bob B
184 inlägg
Sunday drive
juli 2017 • Familj
This place is small but has some nice rides for young children. A new owner has upgraded most of the rides and the arcade. No charge to enter. You can buy tickets or a 3 hour wrist band good for everything. They have 3 gocart tracks. Miniature golf and batting cages. Good place to stop for a couple of hours if you have children. We will go back.
Skriftlig 30 juli 2017
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Altoona, PA7 inlägg
not much open
aug. 2016 • Familj
every time we went it didn't seem like much was going on most thigs seem to be closed we did play mini golf witch the kids liked
Skriftlig 11 juli 2017
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