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Surge Trampoline Park

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Lisa H
1 inlägg
nov. 2021 • Familj
We had my daughters 7 th birthday party at the surge in Winston Salem…… to say the least it was a disaster. First, the party started at 11:00 am and we arrived 15 min early as we were told to and we had no employee there to help. I had kids showing up and no wrist bands to give them so they could jump I ended up going to the desk to get some just so I could give them out, we had to decorate and host our own party. The host finally appeared at about 11:45 after we had everything already done thank god we brought our own napkins tablecloth and utensils. Then when the party was coming to and end and I was time to pay the host wanted us to pay, so she gave us a 20 percent discount, oh how nice of them!!! Then on Monday when I check my account to see what they charged me they over charged me for the party…. So they overcharged me and gave me nothing!! I hosted my own party and trey charged me for it!!! Never have a birthday party here I warn you!!! And to top it off I have called all day to get this money straightened out and no one answers!!!
Skriftlig 8 november 2021
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Patricia M
1 inlägg
aug. 2021 • Familj
Grandkids had a great time! I think their favorites were the climbing walls. All three were able to have fun and be challenged. (8,5,3 yrs old) David and Kamilla were awesome! We'll go back!
Skriftlig 3 september 2021
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1 inlägg
mars 2021 • Familj
The worst experience we have ever had at a birthday party. We paid for a large birthday party and were treated with complete disrespect, one employee attempted to say she was threatened by a member of our party (untrue), she referred to a member of our party as “the old lady” when speaking of my 55yr old mother in law. Refused to let us speak with a manager after 3 people asked to speak or get the manager’s name. Felt the need to reinforce mask wearing, which I understand, while she walked around with hers down off her face completely or below or nose AT ALL TIMES. I’ve never been so disrespected and will be reaching out to headquarters Monday.
Skriftlig 13 mars 2021
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Columbia, SC31 inlägg
dec. 2019 • Familj
Took my son and a few of his friends here and they had a blast. Zip line, rock wall , trampolines and so much more. Though this place is a little more expensive than its competitors it’s well worth it. I highly recommend this place.
Skriftlig 11 februari 2020
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2 inlägg
mars 2019 • Vänner
On March 9 2019 I was attended a friends daughters 5 th birthday and as my wife was walking me to the bathroom a employee left water all over the floor and I fell ,during my fall I hit my head,elbow,knee and injured my back ,the staff refused me medical care and refused to call me an ambulance ,my wife ran around frantically trying to get help and crickets my left arm was going numb and my wife put me in the truck to take me to the ER,while I was asking for emergency services the employee that left the water ( who was fired for his role in my injury after surge admitted to me it was their fa) told me if I wanted an ambulance I would have to call one myself or drive myself to the hospital at that time my wife took me to the hospitalMy wife left our contact info with the acting manager when she decided to get off the phone ,We tried and tried to contact the store for approx 2 weeks after my fall and nothing,I then found the corporate COO Jeremy Harrell contact info and mad Ge contact with him and he told me things would be taken care of and my bill should be paid,well 4.5 months later nothing,the store manager called me under Mr.Harrells direction and proceeded to tell me after not making contact with me for 45-50 days ,since I was a disabled veteran I would have to hire an attorney if I wanted my medical bills payed,well it’s been 4.5 months now and still nothing ,The NFL great Drew Brees is owner of Surge Adventure Parks and I even made contact with his people at his non profit and everyone says they will take care of my bills and the aftercare that I still have not received for a injured and hurting back .On July 4 2019 I will be heading a protest at Surge Winston Salem and the lack of medical care they provided and how they use theirs big money and a NFL Star to squash the not well to do when they are injured.It is a shame that someone attends a function at their store and is injured by their employee and all they can do is refuse medical attention and then admit they were wrong ,fire the employees that caused the injury,brag to you what they did then tell you since you are a disabled vet and on a fixed income you now hav ego hire an attorney if you want us to pay out bills when we were negligent.I beg you if Surge would do this to a grown 50 year old man just how do you think they would treat the family of a child that also received another sever injury to their back.Winston Salem there are a lot more places in our community that do not have NFL super starts as owners that would treat their patrons with ,care ,dignity,and respect and would not use their money or influence to skip out on medical bills caused by their neglect.After my last email a gentleman who works for surge sent me an email and he started his email with,,,,,FYI,,,then proceeded to call my wife (the contact number he had ) some girl in the email and then when I made contact with him to explain my situation he did nothing but laugh 3 times at me and my concerns.This right here shows you the professionalism of the owners and staff of Surge and how they think everything is a joke.I have several emails with all the lies and disrespectful comments from Surge and it’s staff from the COO down to their manager.would be cool if I could find a way to post them.Remeber if you would also like to help me protest Surge I will be there on her before opening till closing at Surge Winston Salem on July 4. 2019 with my service dog trying to get further medical care for my back to help stop the pain and suffering that I have been going through for the past 4.5 what is a better date for a combat disabled veteran to protest a cheap,lying,company than the day Our nation was founded.
Skriftlig 21 juni 2019
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Linda C
North Wilkesboro, NC114 inlägg
apr. 2019 • Familj
What a great two hours with the grandson (ages 1month to 15 years). The boys had a great time jumping, bouncing, climbing and just playing today. It was a good work out for the 15 and 13 year old, while the 11 year old just enjoyed playing like crazy. While mom and I got to sit in a comfortable place with the baby and watch. It’s clean, there are snacks there for purchasing, and the staff is very nice. Lots of easy parking and when you leave you are not far from fast food or sit down restaurants, there is also near by shopping.
Skriftlig 19 april 2019
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Dhiane L
Clemmons, North Carolina, United States4 inlägg
apr. 2019 • Vänner
The employees there are horrible! They are rude! The girl that goes by the name of Asia is just ghetto! The acting manager when ask his name he said don’t worry about it! Take your kids elsewhere these people don’t deserve our business! Check out their reviews!
Skriftlig 6 april 2019
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Kernersville, NC22 inlägg
jan. 2019 • Familj
Surge is a very large trampoline park. It is very spread out unlike others we have visited. Also different from other places are other activities that are an additional cost, such as massage chairs, climbing wall, claw games, etc. It is well staffed with employees at each jumping area.
Skriftlig 6 januari 2019
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New York, NY212 inlägg
okt. 2018 • Familj
We were looking for a good attraction for kids when it was raining cats and dogs around Winston Salem. By googling "fun activity", we came accross this Trampoline Park and my kids were so happy to discover this place! Easy to find and to park. Not too expensive and with so many things to do and such a big place to welcome many children and kids.
Nothing dangerous, very safe place! You can choose different lengths of time (from 1 hour to X hours) and parents can sit comfortably in big chairs and sofa.
Skriftlig 14 oktober 2018
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Advance, NC116 inlägg
aug. 2018 • Familj
Excellent Park for the kids to get rid of some energy! It has plenty of options from American Ninja Warriors course, dodge ball, climbing walls, monkey bars, trapeeze, basketball hoops. My kids love to go here! Massage chairs for parents if you want to relax!
Skriftlig 12 augusti 2018
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