Els Agols Refuge and Peak Trail

Els Agols Refuge and Peak Trail, Pas de la Casa - omdömen

Els Agols Refuge and Peak Trail
Engolasters Lake - Les Paradines Path, 30 meters, Pas de la Casa AD200 Andorra

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Andorra la Vella, Andorra26 inlägg
Virgil would have been proud to add to his Bucolics
sep. 2019
I walked this today with my mate Barcaranger and the Old Git [OG] for the first time. This is a fabulous walk and had Virgil been alive today he would have been inspired to add to his Bucolic poems. The bucolicity of this walk as with so many Andorran walks has to be seen to be believed.
Starting off from the car park you have a fairly steep section up a track when you turn right signposted to Refugi D'Argols. Reaching a signpost you turn left signposted ton the Refugi and the Cap D'Argols. At the next signpost you have the option of taking the left to Cap D'Argols or the right to the Refugi. Take the left and you have a fairly tough 3 km up throughout the wood until you reach the treeline at about 2,400m and have a lovely walk along a wide ridge well marked with the usual yellow paint until you cross over the ridge with the Refugi well below you and then follow a well marked trail to another signpost from which its a few hundred metres to the Cap at 2,680m with a fantastic view od Estany Blau and further over to the left the Format lakes.
Going back get to the last mentioned signpost and this time take the left down to the Refugi and the trail which is roughly paralleling the much higher trail you used to ascend, with trails converging around 1.5km fro the finish. The route is 12.6km in total with around 1,100m of ascent. We took 7 hours car park to car park and the moving time was about 5.5 hours.
Truly a really bucolic experience.
Yours bucolically
Byron, the Jack Russell Terrier
Skriftlig 2 september 2019
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Andorra la Vella, Andorra1 473 inlägg
One of the best.....Bucolic
aug. 2019 • Vänner
Start at the Encamp end of the Engolasters path and you’ll head away from everyone else who will be heading off on a very easy walk . The first bit is fairly steep until you get to the refuge when you leave the trees after then it’s fairly steep but at leat you are out in the sunlight above most of the tree line . It’s a 11 k round trip ...if you don’t try and make it a round trip and get lost which we did when it turned into 16 k . The altitude is 1100 m gain up to about 2500 and then Oh my goodness the view is amazing ! Having just done Comapedrosa and Angonella it beats the spots off both of those . Looking down on the Estany bLau hundreds of meters below is amazing as is the view to Estany Forcats . The best view by a mile in Andorra ....just take the easy route down it’s marked by large yellow dots don’t try anything clever ...we did and we won’t be doing it again !
Skriftlig 28 augusti 2019
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Pas de la Casa, Andorra8 inlägg
The swamp on the mountain
juni 2012 • Ensam
Andorran's call this an "intermediate trail", but the steep ascent you'll face getting to Els Agols can be challenging. Definitely take the bus to the Pardines, then take the trail from just inside the pedestrian road that goes to Lake Engolasters. My climb was made more difficult because I did not know about the bus, and so I made the march all the way from Encamp to the refuge with a 24kg backpack. The only reason this refuge does not get all 5 marks from me is because of the lack of maintenance. It had been at least a week or two weeks since someone took care of the refuge. Three Andorrans and myself got together and did what we could with the refuge, and it really is a great location. It is only one hour to walk to Blue Lake, and eating over a bonfire beneath the stars of the summer solstice is a priceless memory.
Skriftlig 17 juli 2012
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