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kevin p
1 inlägg
sep. 2021
Seagrape Dive Shop is fantastic! This was my first dive trip ever, having just gotten certified to dive last month. Dive masters Kevin and Hugo watched over me and made sure I was okay and comfortable the entire time. I went on five dives, each one very rewarding. Got to see lots of sea life, and be exposed to an amazing undersea world brimming with life. Extremely professional and helpful! Thanks, guys. My next dive trip will be back to Seagrape!
Skriftlig 7 september 2021
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Murrieta, Kalifornien121 inlägg
aug. 2021
I just wanted to clarify my review I did 2014. It wasnt accurate because Seagrape location is West End not West Bay. Sorry it took me so long to clarify and want to be accurate.
"West End Gem"
Review of Seagrape Plantation Diveshop
Reviewed April 16, 2014
When we go to West End we stay at Seagrape. We have been there 3 times in two years. We love the Seagrape for its ocean view bungalows. They are well maintained and clean. I love Sandra the housekeeper. She's always there and always has a great smile that makes us feel welcome. When we are there we don't need wifi but you can access it near the office. The office staff is extremely helpful. We don't scuba but we have used the dive shop for snorkeling. Awesome sites. A short walk into town lots of nice local food. We took our teens last June they loved it as much as we do.
Date of experience: June 2013
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Mariela W, Front Office Manager at Seagrape Plantation Diveshop, responded to this review
Responded April 17, 2014
Thank you for your comment, and we look forward to seeing you again and again!!
Greetings from all Seagrape staff!

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Skriftlig 29 augusti 2021
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oregon89 inlägg
juli 2021
Just like you cannot eat only one potato chip, once you dive with Seagrape, you will be planning your additional dive trips with them. Seagrape is one of many dive operators in West End Village, which sits about in the middle of the many north shore dive sites. All charge about the same $30 per dive. But Seagrape stands out for several reasons:
#1 The dive personnel. Their dive guides are the best. They are all natives of Roatan and know the sites intimately, just like the captains of the boats. Your safety is a priority and if conditions are too rough or dangerous, they will not jeopardize that safety.
#2 Their boats are fast, with plenty of shade and have the best flat rung dive ladders, which makes it easier to get back on the boat, even in rough water, even if you leave on your BC and tank. Other boats may not have the two vertical rails at the top of the ladder that provides stability. One other WEV dive operator has a ladder that forces you to crawl on your knees, several others have a ladder over the side (both require removing your BC & tank) and both are dangerous in rough water. Seagrape dive staff are there to help if you want to remove your BC & tank, but I prefer to keep my equipment on.
#3 Tank fills are consistently 2950 psi or more. Most of my fills were above 3100 psi which means more time underwater. Nitrox is available for a slight extra fee. Their shore staff ensure your equipment is brought from their gear locker to your boat and set up for both morning and afternoon dives. A typical day is morning dives at 8:30 & 10:30 and an afternoon dive at 2:30. Night dives are also available, although this was the first year conditions were too rough for night diving.
#4 Dry entry from a dock to the boats, large rinse tank, several showers, and one of the best gear lockers with individual spaces for each diver’s gear and proper wide wetsuit hangers. No wading up to your chest just to get on or off the boat, no plastic clothes hangers for your wetsuit like several other WEV dive shops.
#5 Good rental gear and classes for certifying new divers or upgrading diving skills. While we were there four new divers were certified, one even getting his OW and AOW cert.
The fun part is what we saw and what you may also see with Seagrape: brown spotted moray; multiple lobster; neck crabs (too many to count); at least 6 juvenile & adult spotted drum (one juvenile only 3/4” top to bottom); multiple red/blue crab in blue sponge; blue Parrot fish; secretary blenny; sailfin blenny; mantis shrimp; puffer fish; green sea turtles; green morays; barracuda; filefish; lion fish; grey frogfish; flamingo tongue nudi; cauliflower nudi; shrimp; large crab; very small (1/4” dia.) pea (juvenile trunkfish); adult trunkfish; scorpion fish; seahorse; grouper at cleaning station; sea spider; pipefish; baby (1” long) scorpion fish “walking” on the bottom; 16”+ flamboyant filefish; decorator crab; shortfin pipefish; 2 squid trying to mate; 6 eagle rays cruising along a wall; and what appeared to be a small snake eel in a sandy bottom area. All this in addition to the usual multitudes of various small fish and colorful coral, sponges, etc. We dived with Anthony’s Key earlier in the year, which involved some of the same dive sites, but a slightly different route (and a slower pace) by the Seagrape dive guides made all the difference.
Skriftlig 8 augusti 2021
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3 inlägg
maj 2021
My third time to Seagrape. It is always fun to dive with the crew at Seagrape. 19 Dives in seven days. Everyone there is just great. Rachel takes care of the Dive Shop Office and ensures everything runs smoothly. The DM's I dove with, Ricardo - Great and so friendly and good humor. Kevin and Hugo are Super and really good at finding and pointing out the little stuff. The captians - Admiral and Corvin, always there to give you a hand and of course get you to and from the dive sites safely.
I usually don't visit many places more than a couple of times because I always want the new sights and adventures, But I will continue to keep coming back to Roatan and dive with Seagrape! it's so friendly and feel's like I'm just diving with a bunch of friends (and they are) but Professional too. Thanks guy's (and Rachel too) !! Until next time. Eric
Skriftlig 8 juni 2021
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Huntington Beach, Kalifornien23 inlägg
apr. 2021
2nd visit in 3 years to Seagrape. 7 dives over 4 days with Hugo as our dive master this time APR 21. Great guy-very chill, good equipment and customized our experience to our desires. For example, we said we wanted to do a wreck dive-our next dive was at a wreck—and it was awesome! Water was warm and clear. Will definitely continue to use Seagrape on our visits.
Skriftlig 22 april 2021
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shelly n
Perry, KS59 inlägg
feb. 2021 • Par
Hugo was our dive master, Ricky was attendant in the shop and admiral drove the boat. Wonderful loving family with great knowledge of the surrounding reefs. Due to covid, we hadn't had a dive in a year. They were all patient and made sure we're were comfortable at all times. Admiral and Ricky were always there to help us back into boat, and with gear. We had a couple of days when weather made things rough and murky. They were flexible and we got 12 dives in, 8 of them just us and Hugo. Our first day, we saw a seahorse, and our last day! We know people with hundreds of dives that have never seen 1, and we got to see 2 in a matter of 7 days with only 50 dives under our belt!!! Hugo has an amazing ability to see small nudibranch creatures that we would never have seen without him. We saw flamingo tongues, blennies, turtles, eels, neck crabs, bearded fireworks, huge crabs, too much to write all. We never felt nervous or neglected, he kept a close eye on us and made sure we got to see the things he was trying to show us. We are counting down the days til we come back....178...
Skriftlig 9 februari 2021
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Calgary19 inlägg
mars 2020
I have stayed at Seagrape Plantation twice - January 2019 and March 2020 - and highly recommend this dive shop and property for incredible value and experience. The resort staff treats you like part of their family, and most of their guests appear to be return guests for this reason. When I came in January 2019 with my sister (who herself was a return guest), I hadn't been diving in 7 years and was so nervous on my refresher dive. I did 8 dives with Hugo and Kevin and fell in love with diving - and with Roatan - on that trip. The groups per divemaster are always small, and Michael the boat hand is incredibly helpful.

I returned in March 2020, this time with three friends. I took my Advanced with Ricky and he is an absolutely fantastic instructor - calm, clear and competent. I did 12 dives, mostly with Ricky but a couple with Kevin and Ricardo. The night dive is surreal with so many octopus feeding, and the 'string of pearls' should be on everyone's bucket list. We left Roatan just hours before Honduras closed its borders due to the global pandemic. The lovely people on this tourism-dependent island must be enduring tremendous hardship right now. I hope to be back in 2021.
Skriftlig 19 april 2020
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Trevor D
Nanaimo58 inlägg
jan. 2020
While we didn't stay at SeaGrape Plantation, I did 27 dives with the shop during our visit to the island. Excellent gear, nice spacious boats and experienced staff and dive masters. If the weather is not right on the west side, they take boats and bus you over to the east side with no additional cost so you seldom miss a diving day. Ricky, Hugo, Kevin, Ricardo and Micheal take very good care of you and ensure you don't miss the highlights of the reef. The cost is reasonable and if you make 10 or more dives it is only $30 each. Great selection of dive sites and most very close to their own marina.
Skriftlig 15 februari 2020
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Greetings! Thank you for such a wonderfull review, I will make sure to share your comments with the most hard working team. We look forward to having you dive with us sometime soon!! Warm regards,
Skriftlig 16 februari 2020
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Nicolas A.
Ville-Marie, Kanada4 inlägg
jan. 2020
My GF and I booked 1 week in the resort (GREAT place to stay btw - I've written a separate review), and a PADI Open Water training for both of us.
Please note that none of us has ever dived before, but that was on our bucket list.

The whole experience was AWFUL. Sorry, but I have to say it, especially for security purposes.

Some of the videos in the classroom were skipped for no reason.
I mean, we didn't learn what scuba diving actually is. What a CBD is, what a regulator is, the way the buoyancy works, etc...
These tests at the end of every chapter? We haven't been told why some of our answers were wrong.
We didn't spend no more than 1h in the classroom.

Confined Water:
The training in confined water takes place in the resort pool (3 feet high of water) and some of the skills that we're supposed to learn were skipped.
We spent no more than 30 minutes in the pool.

Open water training:
Comes the first dive from the boat.
I go first to the bottom, everything's ok.
My GF's turn. She's scared as hell, really. The instructor grabs her hand to swim 2 minutes at the surface (To make her more relax I guess) then kind of forced her to go to the bottom. She was NOT ready at all to take this next step.
She decided to give up after this very first dive...

I had a huge safety problem at my 3rd dive. The air gauge stopped working properly. I suddenly was out of air although the gauge was saying I had 600 PSI left. IMPOSSIBLE to say it right away to the instructor, who was almost 20 feet away from me!! He was REALLY lucky that I didn't panic (I'm a former professional icehockey player), and I was able to reach him calmly and grab his alternate air source.

During the whole training, we didn't have any wet suit, although the instrcutor himself was feeling cold and was wearing one!! WTF??
I finally completed the training and got my certification. (No thumbs up please)

2 days later, I wanted to dive with people we've met on the island. The other shop didn't allow me to do so because I had no proof that I was certified. I was supposed to have a log book filled up by the instructor and a temporary card from PADI sent by email. Oh, good to know!!
I had to ask for all of it the day before we flew back home (The log book was signed and uncompletely filled up by another instructor who barely knew what happened).

Overall, compared to what we've observed afterwards (how it works with other shops), don't go there if it's your first diving experience. It's not safe enough for beginners and you don't really learn properly.
Skriftlig 18 januari 2020
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.
Dear Guest, We appreciate you taking the time to review us. We are sorry that you didn't enjoy your dive experience with us. We want you to know that we do take these comments seriously and have investigated further with our instructor who was handling your dive course at the time. 1) You watched all 5 videos none of which were skipped, with that being said not all the videos are the same lenght. The first 2 are longer (aprox. 45 min.) each, the third (30 min.) fourth and fifth (25 min) each are shorter as you advance in videos. 2) You watched the videos in French which is your first language (you chose to do the english manual because we told you we didnt have a manual in French or French speaking Instructors) even so you decided to go ahead with the course. Our instructor explained everything to you in English even to the point of helping explain test questions to you. When reviewing your test scores you got 9 out of 10 on each test and in the final exam as well. Maybe the language barrier was an issue but according to the instructor it was explained and your test scores prove you understood the content. 3) Yes we do some of the confined water sessions in the pool and the skills that require more depth we do them out on the dive. Please know that the time spent in the pool depends on how quickly you master the skills required. So there is no time limit and btw you were really good in those sessions. 4) Your girlfriend expressed that she was a bit nervous which is a common reaction for all first time begginers. It's natural to feel a bit scared and while speaking to her on the surface the instructor and her agreed to hold hands that way she would feel more comfortable knowing he was there with her in case she needed him. And to her credit she did a 45 min. dive!!! One of the reasons the instructor held her hand was to measure the level of nervousness or fear. Her pupils was not dilated and she was even pointing at fishes an enjoying other marine life (meaning she was quite calm during the dive). However, once she finished the dive and got back to the boat she expressed that even though she enjoyed the experience she wasn't ready to continue the course but would consider it another time. 5) Regarding your "safety problem" was actually on your 4th dive your air gauge was checked and it was working properly, fyi when your air tank gets low it will feel harder to inhale, he was not 20 ft. away, maybe it felt that way under the stress of feeling out of air. The instructor said that he gave you his alternate air source and from that depth (58 feet) to the surface both of you consumed 1000 psi which mean it was a lot. He mentioned that at the surface you even asked him, how do you do to control your air consumptiom and he gave you a few tips while on the boat. 6) As for a wet suit they are offred free of charge when you check out equipment if at any time durring your dives you feel you need one it's as simple as letting the staff know and one will be provided immediately. All our staff wear their own personal gear it's up to them what they prefer to wear. Some wear a hoodie and shorts other long wet suits. 7) We apologize for not having your certification processed immediately upon completion it was handled once we became aware that the front desk hadn't procesed it. 8) The day you came by the store to fill out your log book, your instructor had a personal emergency and had asked for the day off. This is the reason the other instructor told you he could assist with filling it out for you. Last but not least we are a family owned and operated bussiness who have been in the dive industry for over 20 years, we have multiple PADI awards and these do not come by chance. We believe in working hard and try to offer the very best service we can as a team. With that being said, we do fail at times and we want to offer you our healtfelt appologies for not living up to your dive expectations. Thank you, Rhonda Shop Manager
Skriftlig 30 januari 2020
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USA922 inlägg
sep. 2019
We went on 8 dives while staying at Seagrape Resort. Every dive was excellent! Ricky was our dive master and took a lot of time to show us all sorts of exotic creatures during our dives. The boat is big, the equipment is good, and the crew has your gear ready in the boat when you arrive. The boat is never overcrowded, and they go on 3 dives per day.
Skriftlig 9 oktober 2019
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Dear guest! Thank you for taking the time to review us! we are sooo! happy to read of your experience diving with us! We look forward to welcoming you back. Thank you, Mariela
Skriftlig 10 oktober 2019
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