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HEB, Delivery is the BEST, simple and dependable.
nov. 2021
I just changed from having my groceries delivered by Walmart to HEB. Walmart had been easy and completely satisfactory until they changed their format and EVERYTHING got messed up there and never improved. . so. . since HEB had started delivery, I thought I'd give them a chance. WELL. . . I should have been with them all along. Not only was it really easy to place my order, it came exactly as I asked. . so polite. . and everything as I ordered. With Walmart, my perishables would be delivered and the other things they started shipping, from only God knows where, and in many packages by FedEx or UPS (which had to be picked up) a couple to several days later. Anyway, I plan to use HEB, which is a lot cheaper, than the other place mentioned. I MUST depend on a store that delivers since I am a "shut-in" alone with no help. THANK YOU HEB FOR BEING HERE!
Skriftlig 28 november 2021
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Godof N
Aransas Pass, TX6 inlägg
WELL 1st time i had a problem with him i was standing at the service desk and looking off into the distance and this large boy/man comes gliding by and barely brushed against me. i was wow this place is acting creepy cause a customer did the same thing. 4 months earlier. so i called and complained and they i guess didnt care. so im like wait up i dont recall any females brushing against me. so why is this guy doing it?
so like a few months later which was yesterday the same guy went and snuck up behing my wife and started sweeping all behind her and like almost touching her shoes and she wasnt even aware.
i was thinking i didnt see him the entire time we were shopping until suddenly he popped outtah nowheres. like he was secretly watching from somehweres.
Skriftlig 24 januari 2021
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.
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