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Barrow Fishing Tackle Shop
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Michael S
Melbourne, Australien21 inlägg
Faulty products
aug. 2019
I went there and purchased a fishing rod for my road trip around Ireland. The guy in shop appeared seemed agitated and spoke very poor English. I literally brought the fishing rod then walked out of store and walked directly across road and open bag to set up fishing reel to use in river opposite shop. I then noticed road was broken when it came out of bag (all three minutes after purchase). I walked back in shop and he immediately starting shouting he doesn't refund or exchange (before I even told him rod was broken - He knew he sold a broken rod and wasn't expecting me back so quick!). He started going on a rant about American tourists in his poor English language skills. I explained I was not an American tourist and that was irrelevant anyway. His wife then came out shouting that I broke the rod in car door and that 'in Ireland they don't need to exchange or refund'. While she was explaining this he lit up a cigarette behind counter. I then excepted I was going to get nowhere with this couple and left. Basically they thought I was a tourist they could cheat and never thought they would see me again.
Skriftlig 6 september 2019
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