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Område: San Frediano
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Greater London, UK1 inlägg
okt. 2015 • Ensam
Back in October 2015 Europa Power Yoga were advertising an autumn retreat in Tuscany for 3 days and after liaising for some time around the arrangements and specifics with the ‘CEO & Founder’ Gabriella Estrada I paid 590 euros to Europa power yoga for an en-suite room at their retreat in Poppi and set about making the travel arrangements from the UK. I booked flights, transfers, airport parking and arranged childcare for my young baby.
With less than 24 hours notice I received an e mail from Gabi telling me that the accommodation in Tuscany had fallen through, due to lack of numbers ( something she must have been aware of for some considerable amount of time ) and that she would be in contact at 8pm that evening with alternative accommodation and arrangement details. You can imagine my upset and alarm !
I then received a quickly pulled together itinerary of random yoga classes just for myself, based out of the Europa studio in Florence NOT Poppi in the Tuscan countryside as described. The accommodation was just confirmed as ‘an apartment’ not specified as to which one ( so there was no way to check trip advisor ) and I was also advised that I would need to move to alternative accommodation for the second and third nights – again not specified. There was no mention of any other attendees in the itinerary and it was clear she had just generated a program that fit around her usual yoga classes. No community of people as advertised just me on a city based trip rather than the countryside – not what I paid for and not what I wanted as an experience.
I was clear from the start that I wanted a full refund and was really upset that I had a load of travel expenses I had committed to and with less than 20 hours notice at this stage had no way of cancelling them, rearranging them or getting my money back.

Gabi then sent me a note to tell me the retreat had been refunded in full – this was 3 months ago and I am still to receive a penny from Europa Power Yoga! Gabi has consistently lied to me about sending the money across to my account or that it has been delayed somehow and I have continuous given her the benefit of the doubt – it would appear foolishly. Gabi has told me on numerous occasions that she will return the retreat money and contribute 100 euros towards my travel expenses but I am yet to receive a penny. Gabi had also intermittently ignored my e mails and communication – I think hoping that I will simply give up. It is clear she has kept my money, spent it and has no serious intention of returning it
I have had to resort now to legal action through my credit card company in the hope of getting some of my money back.
I have not taken the decision to write this review lightly. I have given Europa 3 months to return what is legally my money but I can’t sit by and let another person expose themselves to theft by this company in the way I did so I feel I have to share my story and warn others not to pay Europa Power Yoga for anything in advance and from a moral standpoint I would suggest avoiding their services altogether !!
Do feel free to contact me directly if anyone needs evidence of the above as I am happy to share it
Skriftlig 27 januari 2016
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.
Hello, First, my sincerest Apologies for the complications associated with your reimbursement which you have received in FULL directly into your bank account. The retreat was cancelled at the last minute, this is true, however up until the Agroturismo informed us that they would not proceed with the retreat seeing you were the only confirmed client, they cancelled the opening of the villa. I, however was planning to carry on even if you were the sole client. Yes, this is unprofessional and there was nothing I could do about it, so I proceeded accordingly. Also, because of the last-minute nature of this unfortunate cancellation, I did my best to put something together at the last-minute so you could get away, practice yoga and see some of the beautiful sights in Florence. You declined as your desire was to have a quiet yoga weekend in the countryside, which in fact is what you paid for and what you deserved. (Again, this cancellation was out of my control). I proceeded to deliver your reimbursement IMMEDIATELY... Unbeknownst to me, and coincidentally (& unfortunately) the bank account linked to the PayPal account was closed in the United States. This caused a cascade of problems one after the other. I proceeded to open a new account, and was unsuccessfully able to link the new account with the PayPal Account. Finally after multiple attempts to process the reimbursement with my bank and Paypal, I asked for your bank information, I chose TransferWise and was successful in refunding 590€ in FULL and DIRECTLY into your bank account. (I am happy to provide evidence for anyone interested) Your review is misleading. I personally have over 50 emails proving I was keeping in touch with you regarding the complications associated with your reimbursement. I maintained contact, I explained thoroughly what was happening and NEVER ignored you. I even took screen shots of my attempts in reimbursing your money, but every time there was some error message from either my bank or Paypal. I DID NOT fraudulently steal your money. I reimbursed you in FULL and DIRECTLY into your bank account. I acknowledge that the time between when you paid for your retreat and when you actually received your reimbursement was truly too long, however this complication was out of my control and I took steps immediately to rectify the situation and was able to find a suitable solution using the third-party TransferWise... I also offered to cover your costs associated with this reservation. Again, if anyone would like evidence of how this client was reimbursed or any other email or files proving that many attempts were made to reimburse this client I will be happy to share with you. Thank you and again I offer my sincerest apologies for this transaction and as we discussed I would be happy to invite you as my guest to our next upcoming retreat as consolation. Best, Gabriela CEO & Founder
Skriftlig 21 februari 2016
Det här är det subjektiva svaret från en representant för ledningen och inte från TripAdvisor LLC.

Florens, Italien2 inlägg
aug. 2015 • Ensam
The studio offers the perfect balance between work out and moments of meditation. The teachers are incredibly skilled, insightful and make you feel very welcome to their 'community'. I witnessed an immense improvement in my practice since joining so definitely recommend the studio to anyone, from those thinking to get into yoga all the way to experienced yogis!
Skriftlig 2 augusti 2015
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.

Andrea A
Florens, Italien2 inlägg
juli 2015 • Ensam
I was desperate for yoga in Florence, while my husband did his art course. Most places were closed or working part time in summer. Thank you Gabriela and your wonderful colleagues for being open, on all levels, welcoming me to your awesome classes. There is so much spirit, light and joy in both the space and the teachers. Aum Shanti and grazie to you lovely yogini beings.
Skriftlig 19 juli 2015
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.

Kira O
1 inlägg
juli 2015 • Ensam
Europa Power Yoga is a gem of a studio! The space itself is peaceful and welcoming, with sunlight streaming in big beautiful windows overlooking a lush courtyard. The simple and tranquil studio allows you to focus fully on your practice. The teachers, staff, and regular students are so friendly and the classes are well balanced. The teachers are especially knowledgeable and encouraging of their students' practices. You can feel the love and positive vibes happening throughout the studio! I highly recommend Europa Power Yoga to anyone - visitors and natives both! You will not be disappointed!
Skriftlig 15 juli 2015
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.

Gi L
Florens, Italien3 inlägg
juli 2015 • Vänner
Super amazing workout in a fun relaxing environment. The classes are all in English and taught by wonderful and professional yoga instructors, some american and some local.
Skriftlig 9 juli 2015
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.

Frederik T
2 inlägg
mars 2015 • Ensam
Great yoga classes with very dedicated and energetic teachers. American style power yoga at its best.
Skriftlig 21 juni 2015
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.

Charlie H
Stuttgart, Tyskland2 inlägg
feb. 2015 • Ensam
I always find a yoga studio where I travel, so I can stay healthy and centered. And I'm so glad I found this studio. I took PowerYoga2 with Silvana and I fell in love. It was seriously one of the best power yoga classes I've ever been to. I wish this studio was where I live! It's a total mind body integration, which is true power yoga. Cannot recommend it enough and look forward to a future visit when I'm in Italy :)
Skriftlig 20 juni 2015
Detta är ett subjektivt omdöme av en medlem i Tripadvisor och inte av TripAdvisor LLC.
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