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Bate Collection
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14:00 - 17:00
14:00 - 17:00
14:00 - 17:00
14:00 - 17:00

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Winchester, UK73 inlägg
Worth a visit
feb. 2020 • Familj
Fascinating collection of musical instruments

It's free, it's fascinating its great you can hear some of instruments via the supplied audio devices...brought it to life.
There are plenty of different instruments to try on the central area, crumhorn, flutes, feramin (no idea if i spelled it correctly.. probably not ..sorry!) And a harpsichord.
Amazing displays of a huge variety of woodwind, brass and harpsichords.
There aren't any 'modern' instruments but plenty older and classical to enjoy.
Very friendly and very helpful mean on the desk.

The directions will get you to the access door but you will need to press the button to request access... No issue but you need to know (there is a sign but it isn't what you might expect)
Toilets available.
Skriftlig 18 februari 2020
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Courtenay, Kanada85 inlägg
Being able to listen to the sound files was great
sep. 2019
This instrument collection feels hidden away but there are signs to help you track it down. Very interesting to browse through and have a look at the variations of different musical instruments. I loved that you get a machine to listen to sound files of some of the instruments in the displays, I wish there were more of them to listen to! There were some instruments in the middle area that you could play if you wanted to as well.
Skriftlig 27 september 2019
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Oxford, UK1 298 inlägg
Brilliant little museum
sep. 2019
A little off the beaten path but only a few yards from Christchurch, this is a wonderful little gem of a museum, full of weird and wonderful muscal instruments and lots of recordings of how they sound. And hats off to the curator who could not have been more fun of helpful. Do go.
Skriftlig 9 september 2019
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Joanne H
London, UK602 inlägg
Great little museum
aug. 2019 • Vänner
I'd been to the Bate Collection years ago but took a friend who was interested in music - had forgotten what an interesting little place it is! The sound samples of some of the instruments were really helpful to show the differences between them and I wished there were more to listen to! Curation is simple - labels next to the instruments - but you don't need much more really. The welcome we received was also very lovely, warm and friendly.

I was sorry the string collection wasn't more extensive, a cello and a couple of violins were missing (out on loan?) and compared to the woodwind collection it was a little meagre. Nevertheless, I was very glad we popped in.

To get there, walk past the entrance to Christ Church Meadows, and into the next gate. The entrance to the Bate Collection is round the side of the building and you need to ring the bell.
Skriftlig 4 augusti 2019
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Mike A
82 inlägg
Hidden gem
maj 2019 • Ensam
Looked closed when I went; returned a bit later when I saw another group going. Turns out you have to ring a bell to get in.

Didn't spend very long but what I'm pleased I got to see this collection. Small but packed. Have to admit I'd never heard of some of the instruments displayed, such as the shash tar from Afghanistan. The instruments can also be played by students at the university. Not really a "must-see" attraction in Oxford but definitely well worth a visit if you're there and got some spare time and I'm glad I did.
Skriftlig 22 maj 2019
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Mrs Bear
Poole, UK1 384 inlägg
mars 2019 • Par
Passed this museum and saw that it opens in the afternoon between 2pm and 5pm so made a note to go back.

The door is locked and you have to press the bell for someone to allow you access.

We were warmly greeted and offered a handset which allows you to listen to various different instruments around the collection by entering the number next to the instrument into the handset.

There are several instruments you are allowed to play and these are in a central area.

The collection is on two floors and whilst the museum is quite small it is fascinating and well laid out.

The staff member on duty was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Really enjoyed our visit and would highly recommend this museum.
Skriftlig 7 mars 2019
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Tim N
Hô Chi Minh-staden, Vietnam42 inlägg
No words :3
feb. 2019 • Ensam
I have known about this music collection since I came to Oxford last year, but due to works in school, I didn't able to go there, although it is only about 1.5 kilometres away from where I'm currently studying.

Today, I came there. To be honest, there are no words to describe the collection. It was a miracle and an extremely special day to my life. Originally came from Vietnam (A country where Classical music is not very popular) and a big fan of Classical music, I have never thought that one day my dream of seeing an 18th century musical collection would become true. It turned miracle today.

The museum is tiny, but the collection is extremely gorgeous. It has 2 floors:
- The collection mainly concentrates on the first floor, with a huge amount of keyboard instruments, such as harpischords and first-generation pianos. There is a wide range of other woodwinds and brass instruments, such as flutes, oboes, piccolos,...
- The 2nd floor has a string collection, in which there are some instruments which is yet not being played anymore (viola da gamba), and other keyboard instruments such as pianos and clavichords.
You will be understanding more about the development of British classical instruments and music throughout this museum. The museum is absolutely free, and suitable for all ages. There are some games, such as matching the words or painting the composers, which is fit for small kids.

The only limitation about this museum is that, it opens only 3 hours a day (from 2pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday), so you do have to plan before going. I have been here once before, and as you know, it was...closed :3

And also, you can try playing the small green harpischord or some other instruments that being displayed near the reception :3

A gorgeous collection. No words can describe this :)
Skriftlig 18 februari 2019
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Tony B
Daventry, UK330 inlägg
Excellent little museum
sep. 2018 • Vänner
This is a little known museum slightly off the beaten track but well worth going. The place is quite small but packed with musical instruments of all types. It's part of the faculty of music and the students can research or borrow the instruments, which is great. It's also free to go in. There is an audio guide so you can listen to the instruments being played by the students. The times are limited but the person who was on duty when we went was incredibly helpful and explained all about the differences between a harpsichord and a clavinova.
Skriftlig 2 oktober 2018
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Berlin, Tyskland205 inlägg
Geheimtipp - jedem Liebhaber von Musikinstrumenten sehr zu empfehlen
maj 2018 • Ensam
Die Sammlung historischer Musikinstrumente befindet sich - unweit des Christ Church College, aber abseits der großen Touristenströme - in der Fakultät für Musik der Oxforder Universität und ist ein Geheimtipp für alle Instrumentenliebhaber. Sie basiert auf einer Schenkung des britischen Musikwissenschaftlers Philip Bate aus dem Jahre 1968, wird entsprechend seinem Willen von einem Kurator betreut und auch für Lehr- und Studienzwecke genutzt. Weitere Sammlungen sind inzwischen hinzugekommen. Geöffnet ist regelmäßig nur von Montag bis Freitag für jeweils drei Stunden am Nachmittag. Die Besucher erhalten eine Art Audioguide, mit dem sie während der Besichtigung durch Eingabe von Nummern, die auf Karten an vielen Instrumenten zu sehen sind, Klangbeispiele abrufen können. Der Eintritt ist frei.
Skriftlig 31 maj 2018
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York, UK433 inlägg
A specialist place really, but worth popping in
feb. 2018 • Par
M and I love finding small and specialised museums, so were keen to visit the Bate Collection during our recent stay in Oxford.

The gentleman on the front desk was friendly and obviously knowledgeable, but let us wander round at our own pace, which was good. He gave us handsets so we could listen to samples pieces played on some of the instruments.

Some of the displays were quite crowded and we had to be careful not to trip over any of the instruments on the floor, so I would not recommend this for wheelchair users or small children. You'd have to be really keen to spend more than an hour here, but we enjoyed looking around.
Skriftlig 8 februari 2018
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